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Worlds No 1 Window Shades for Ships, Oil rigs, ATC Towers, Cranes

Window Blinds and Screens for Ships and Offshore Vessels
  Also ideal for Control Towers, Cranes, Trains
and other locations where the sun is a problem!

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SOLASOLV® is the leading brand of high performance sunscreens, marine shades and ship blinds for navigation bridge windows with more than 143,000 units supplied to 14,800+ marine vessels world wide.

When used as a navigation safety aid SOLASOLV® transparent sunscreens improve visibility on the bridge in bright conditions and reduce heat, glare and eye strain. They are also compact and lightweight.


UK Public Holidays and Factory Closure Dates in 2016:

25th March - Good Friday & 28th March - Easter Monday

2nd May, 30th May & 29th August - Bank Holiday

23rd, 26th & 27th – Christmas Holidays


Lloyds Register Type Approved   ABS Type Approved   DNV

SOLASOLV® sunscreens are the only sun shades in the world to be Type Approved by Lloyd's, ABS and DNV-GL to prove they meet the latest regulatory requirements.


ISO 9001:2008   RvA Logo

Solar Solve Marine are Registered to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard in accordance with RvA management system accreditation. Click here to view the certificate.


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Our blinds and shades are also installed in ATC / VTS Towers, Cranes, Trains and many other locations where glare and heat from the sun is a problem.

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BEWARE of Fakes! Only buy Genuine SOLASOLV products BEWARE of poor quality copies! Genuine SOLASOLV® products are Proven, Reliable and Type Approved. To find out more click here


SOLASOLV Sunscreens are used on all types of marine vessels around the world!

Sunscreens for all types of Marine Vessels

SOLASOLV transparent anti-glare screens and flame retardant blackout roller blinds are used on oil tankers, container ships, cruise ships, tugs and all other types. To read more click here.

SOLASOLV Sunscreens are used on oil rigs and gas platforms around the world!

 Sunscreens for the Offshore Industry

ROLASOLV Flame Retardant Roller Blinds are used on Oil Rigs, Platforms and Support Vessels where safe, high quality type approved products are essential. Click here to read more.

SOLASOLV Sunscreens are used in Airport ATC Towers around the world!

 Sunscreens for Air Traffic Control Towers

SOLASOLV transparent anti-glare window screens reduce heat and glare in civilian and military ATC towers world wide. Our Sunglasses for Towers® are simply the best. Read more here.

Our screens are used on Military, Naval and Coast Guard vessels

Sunscreens for Military, Naval and Coast Guard

SOLASOLV Type Approved sunscreens reduce heat and glare on Aircraft Carriers, Frigates, Supply ships and Coast Guard vessels for navy's all over the world. Click here to read more.

Our screens are used in VTS Towers around the world

Sunscreens for Vessel Traffic Control Towers VTS

SOLASOLV transparent anti-glare sunscreens reduce heat and glare in Port Authority Control Rooms and VTS Control Towers at ports all over the world. To find out more please click here.

Our screens are used in Crane Cabs around the world

Sunscreens for Crane Cabs

SOLASOLV transparent anti-glare sunscreens reduce heat and glare in crane cabs giving a safer, clearer view. Crane operators tell us they should be fitted as standard.  Read more here.

Our sunblinds and sun shades are used in Toll Booths, Gate Houses and Observation Rooms all over the world

Sunscreens for Toll Booths and Gate Houses

SOLASOLV sunscreens reduce heat and glare in Toll Booths, Observation Rooms, Gate Houses and Control Rooms. To find out more please click here.


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*  * 7 Year Guarantee *  *

Our SOLASAFE® cassette sunscreens have a 7 year guarantee! This is the BEST on the market and proves we believe in the high quality of our products. Read more here.


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    NOW AVAILABLE Angled TOP-FIX Brackets

Angled Top-Fix brackets are ideal for sloping windows with an angle greater than 15 degrees from the vertical. To find out more about Top-Fix brackets click here [opens PDF document].


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           SPARE PARTS

Spare parts are available here from our eBay store. If the item you require is not listed please contact us.


Green logo

BE GREEN!  When SOLASOLV® sunscreens and roller shades are installed at all windows, heat felt inside the wheelhouse is reduced. This in turn reduces air conditioning requirements saving both fuel and money. Find out more here.


If you have a problem with the sun - SOLASOLV® it!

Ask for it by name - no alternative!