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Worlds No 1 Anti-Glare Window Shades for Airport ATC Towers

SOLASOLV® Aviation System Sun Screens

Sun Protection for Air Traffic Control Towers

Sunglasses for Towers®

Gatwick ATC has solasolv anti glare sun screens
Glare caused by the sun can be a dangerous distraction in airport air traffic control towers.  A clear, unobstructed view outside is essential for maintaining a safe operational environment.


The sun can also cause heat to build up which can make staff feel uncomfortable and can even increase stress levels and cause fatigue.

A long-lasting, cost effective solution to help eliminate these problems with glare and reflection from the sun in airport air traffic control towers is to install transparent SOLASOLV® anti-glare, heat rejecting roller screens.

The highly specialised shade film reduces heat build-up from the sun by 67%, reducing air conditioning requirements and therefore saving energy, saving money and creating a more comfortable working environment.

Glare and reflection decrease by up to 91% to ensure a clear, unobstructed view of the airfield, improve display screen readability, create a safer working environment, and reduce eye strain / fatigue for air traffic controllers.

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We have supplied and installed electrically controlled and manually operated SOLASOLV® Aviation System Sunscreens and Shades in civil and military Airport  Air Traffic Control Towers worldwide including:-

Manchester - Aberdeen - Gatwick - Swansea - Durham Tees Valley

Coningsby - Linton-on-Ouse - Mildenhall - Yeovilton - Humberside

Bournemouth - Al Udeid Airbase - Al Dhafra Airbase

Peace Vector VI Airbase - Camp Bastion Airbase

Bagram and Kabul (Afghanistan) - Kano (Nigeria)


SOLASOLV® Aviation Sunscreens in action at Humberside Airport
SOLASOLV® Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Sunscreens at Humberside Airport


SOLASOLV® Aviation Sunscreens in action at Bournemouth Airport
SOLASOLV® Aviation System Sunscreens in action at Bournemouth Airport



Benefits of SOLASOLV® Aviation System sunscreens include:-

Improved visibility and safety − glare is reduced by up to 91% to ensure clear visibility and improve the controllers vision of both air and ground traffic and runway activity. True colour rendition is maintained so navigation lights, tail markings and other objects can be easily identified. All the shades should be lowered for a uniform light balance.

Reduced eye strain, stress and fatigue − the problems associated with glare and reflection caused by the sun on radar screens, displays and other equipment is eliminated.

A comfortable working environment − keeps temperatures more uniform throughout the tower to ensure operators are alert and help maintain work-rate by rejecting up to 87% of the sun's heat.

Instantly retractable − unlike tinted glass or adhesive window film they can be retracted at night when not required, or easily raised in an emergency.

Protects exposed areas of the body − at least 97% of harmful UV light from the sun is filtered.

Save money and reduce energy - less demand is placed on air-conditioning systems which in turn consume less power. Environmentally conscious air traffic operators can benefit if screens are installed at every window.


Features of SOLASOLV® Aviation System sunscreens include:-

Superior quality, high specification components are used to ensure all products are reliable and durable for virtually maintenance free operation. The shade film, often referred to in the aviation industry as 'Mylar Film' or 'Plastic Film', is very strong, virtually tear proof and is not affected by sub-zero cold or tropical heat and humidity.

Suitable for commercial and military control towers.

Fast manufacture - normally 1 - 2 weeks from date of order or earlier, depending on size, operation and if powder coated painting of aluminium profile is required.

A technical and installation advice service. On-site consultations are available and film samples are provided so customers can make an informed decision. Installation technicians can be deployed worldwide if required.

Systems can be operated manually or electrically. Depending on the sizes of the shades, 24vDC, RTS controlled or 230vAC motors can be used.


   Gatwick ATC has solasolv anti glare sun screens

SOLASOLV® Airport Control Tower Sunscreens

Clearer view....Safer landing



Ask for quotation to have your airport control tower protected by SOLASOLV® anti-glare, heat rejecting roller blinds.


Reduce glare with solasolv anti glare sunscreens







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More about SOLASOLV® Aviation System sunscreens

Sunglasses for Towers®

SOLASOLV® Aviation System anti-glare sunscreens for airport air traffic control towers are individually designed to fit the unique sloping shapes and angles of air traffic control tower windows. As these windows are often inclined to minimise the effect of reflection, it is important that the screens closely follow the glass in a parallel manner to avoid distortion of vision.

Over 35 years of development enables the SOLASOLV® sunscreens for airport air traffic control towers to do this effectively. SOLASOLV® screens can be operated at any angle - even upside down!

Solar Solve are specialists in professional roller screen / roller blind manufacture and installation, and have specialist knowledge in the use of solar reflective materials. Solar Solve is a well-respected supplier of anti glare screens for airport air traffic control towers all over the world. Solar Solve are the Worlds leading brand of sunblind and sunscreen for the Air Traffic Control industry.

All airport Air Traffic Control Towers are individual so each tower needs it own assessment and technical solution. Wherever your airport control tower project may be in the world, the Solar Solve Aviation Division team will work with you to provide a solution that you and your controllers will be delighted with.

The specialist Anti-Glare film used in our sunblinds is made from Polyester which is actually a plastic. This is why these transparent Anti-Glare sunscreens for airport air traffic control towers are sometimes referred to as plastic screens, plastic window blinds, plastic sun shades or plastic sunscreens for Airport Air Traffic Control Towers or Airport ATC Towers.

The Anti-Glare Film

The specialist film used in our sunblinds is constructed of a five gauge multi-ply polyester film. The film is dyed to reduce glare and a highly transparent metallic coating of aluminium is applied between the polyester layers which rejects up to 87% of heat. A UV (Ultra Violet) inhibitor is embedded in the polyester film which eliminates up to 97% of harmful UV light.

This type of film is often referred to in the industry as Mylar film.

When looking through the film, colours remain true, ensuring that Visual Light Signals are easily recognised and coloured signal markers are not distorted, even at a distance.

Interesting Informaiton About Polyester...

Polyester is actually a plastic that was invented in Britain in the early 1940s. In the 1950s Polyester became popular as a textile because of its easy care, its drape and its versatility.

Polyester is made from a synthesized polymer called polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the same material used to make plastic drink bottles.

Polyester has many excellent properties and characteristics. It is very resilient (hard wearing), it dries quickly, is resistant to biological damage such as mould and mildew and holds it's form (shape) very well. This makes Polyester the ideal material for the Anti-Glare film used in our SOLASOLV Transparent Sunblinds.

The true generic term for this material is Polyester Film or Plastic Sheet. This is why some people refer to transparent sunblinds for ATC Air Traffic Control Towers as plastic screens, plastic sunscreens, plastic window blinds or plastic sun shades for Airport Air Traffic Control Towers (ATC Towers).

The Polyester Film / Plastic Sheet is manufactured in a range of different styles, finishes and thicknesses and so can be used for many different applications.

Anti-Glare Film Choice

The shade film is available in two non-reflective colours – GREY and BRONZE. They are the most appropriate colours for Airport Air Traffic Control Towers.

Roller screens are only required during daylight hours and should be retracted at night.

The Cassette Headbox (Headrail)

SOLASAFE® - The shade film is mounted onto a heavy-duty aluminium roller inside a high quality anodised aluminium cassette headbox (head rail). An integral brush strip runs along the length of the aluminium cassette and protects the film from dust and dirt. The film is not affected by sub-zero temperatures, tropical heat or humidity. An important factor for roller screens which are used in specialised work areas.

SOLAROLA non-cassette screens are also available.

The Roller

The roller is made from heavy gauge aluminium and uses a constant tension spring to ensure the film is always taut. A control cord manually operates the screen independently from console level. This cord passes through aluminium guide pulleys so that the screen can be operated from a convenient location. A spring-loaded push button allows easy adjustment.

Ideal for windows that slope forwards or backwards

The windows in an Airport Air Traffic Control Tower slope either forwards or backwards to help reduce reflections from equipment. This can make installing traditional sunblinds difficult. Solar Solve sunblinds have a number of innovative features which completely overcome this problem.

• Order screens with constant tension spring rollers and double pulley bottom rails. This system keeps the screen in constant tension so it can be stopped anywhere and the cord will not go across the glass when the screen is retracted.

• Roller screens can be tapered (shaped) on one side or both sides. To install from the top of the window, the top of the screen must be wider than the bottom. If windows are wider at the bottom the screen must be mounted on the bottom of the window frame.

NOTE: The shade film will require a join (seam) across the width for screens which are bigger than 1800 mm in both width and drop.

The bottom of the roller screens are finished with a weighted anodised aluminium bottom bar. Roller screens are available with a spring roller, side chain clutch control or electric operation. Screens can be mounted top fix, face fix or side fix. All fixings, pulleys and cleats are supplied.

Our experienced technical support team can work from drawings supplied if required.

FAA Document 6930.22 - Specification FAA-E-2470 for Transparent Plastic Window Shades

Specification FAA-E-2470 sets forth the requirements for Transparent Plastic Window Shades for use in Airport Traffic Control Towers (ATCT).

Specification FAA-E-2470 states that shades are required to reduce the sun's direct glare and reflective glare and to help with temperature control inside the tower.

Specification FAA-E-2470 states that shades 'shades shall be installed on all exposures of the cab / tower'.

Specification FAA-E-2470 includes requirements for materials, fabrication and installation of transparent plastic window shades (also known as plastic sunblinds and plastic sun shades) for use in Air Traffic Control Towers (ATC Towers).

Solar Solve have supplied Transparent Plastic Window Shades to airports around the world, including airports in the United States of America.




Other Applications...

SOLASOLV® Anti-glare, heat rejecting transparent roller sun blinds, sun screens and ROLASOLV® Blackout roller blinds are also ideal for other commercial and industrial use where professionals must face harsh blinding sunlight during their working day or where total blackout conditions are required. Here are just a few of the many other uses:-

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