HMS Queen Elizabeth floating out photo


Following in the footsteps of a number of Tyneside based marine equipment and services suppliers, South Shields based Solar Solve Marine recently dispatched a consignment of 10 super sophisticated SOLASAFE anti-glare, heat reflecting roller sunscreens for the Flying Control room (FLYCO) windows of the Royal Navy’s new super aircraft carrier HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH.

As is often the case with fighting ships, lots of controls, VDU’s, monitors and specialist equipment has to be located and installed in what can be considered a very small area compared to the size of the vessel, which usually means manufacturers liaising with designers, builders and installers to adapt the standard design to suit the customer’s requirements and constraints. The SOLASAFE screens supplied are mains powered, remote controlled and the hardware has been finished to a high quality specification that befits the biggest and most powerful surface warship ever constructed for the Royal Navy.

Commissioning of Queen Elizabeth, the first of 2 sister ships, is scheduled for 2017 and fully operational by 2023. As the build progresses Solar Solve will be supplying SOLASAFE screens for windows in other areas of this first super carrier for the Royal Navy that will be capable of carrying up to 50 aircraft at full load. The second vessel, HMS Prince of Wales is due to launch in 2017, commission in 2020 and also be fully operational by 2023.

John Lightfoot, Solar Solve’s chairman, commented, “At 920 ft. in length and with a displacement of 70,000 tons the main structure of these vessels has been built to accommodate future design changes and expansions over time and they are expected to last for 50 years.”

“Winning these orders is not just about coping with last minute design changes and very tight delivery schedules. It is also about effectiveness and reliability of product, together with life expectancy between major refits.”

“This is what we thrive on and everyone at Solar Solve is very proud to be a part of this amazing British project that will represent a step change in the Royal Navy’s capability, enabling the delivery of increased strategic effect and influence around the world.”

Top Image – Aircraft carrier HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH, the Royal Navy’s largest vessel ever built, was floated out of Rosyth Docks on 17th July 2014, to be fitted out ready for commissioning in 2017.

The consignment of 10 special SOLASAFE screens for the Flyco have been installed at the windows in the bay area of the aft, (right hand) island in the middle of the photo.