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John H. Lightfoot MBE - 04.01.2017


We closed out 2016 on lots of ‘highs’, including many orders for prestigious vessels that will be reported on throughout this month. One was the dispatch of 22 of our brand leading SOLASAFE® marine screens to Canada, to be installed at the navigation bridge windows of HMCS OTTAWA, Royal Canadian Navy Halifax-class frigate 341. HMCS OTTAWA was commissioned in September 1996 and is the twelfth and final ship of the Halifax class that were built as part of the Canadian Patrol Frigate Project.

The vessel underwent a Mid Life Refit last year and as a consequence the 22 marine screens will be installed by the ship’s staff to act as a navigation safety aid as well as a means of improving their working environment. SOLASAFE®  marine screens will protect bridge personnel from solar glare as well as infra-red and ultra-violet radiation and are instantly retractable, to allow totally clear windows, any time the need arises.

John Lightfoot MBE, Solar Solve Marine’s chairman commented, “This is the first order we have received from this customer and just like all of the other naval authorities, the Canadian government and its employees are very specific about what they need and what standards have to be met. As is usually the case, there was a lot of dialogue between Carl and Mark, two of our technical staff and the naval specifiers to ensure Solar Solve gets it right and the Canadian Department of National Defence end up being very happy.”

John continued, “We supply items that are an important piece of equipment enabling the safe, effective and efficient navigation of a vessel. They must be reliable and our SOLASAFE® marine screens has been successfully fulfilling that role for 30 years and continues to do so. We look forward to working with the Canadian Navy again in 2017 and beyond.”

Happy New Year !!

Solar Solve Marine
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