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Cyber Security

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About Us

Cyber Security

Solar Solve Limited takes the security and protection of client and supplier data and information as paramount in ensuring that confidential information is protected. This statement is provided as a summary of certain practices relating to information security that are undertaken.

Access to data is only available to authorised individuals and is controlled and monitored to maintain safety and confidentiality. Employees are educated to limit the potential of them inadvertently compromising information security.

Solar Solve complies with a set of core IT security standards across a range of key areas of IT controls. These include:

Security Policies
Access Control
Virus Control
Personal Computer Operating Systems
Server and Network Maintenance
Employee Training
Disaster Recovery Planning
Incident Response
System Hardening

Solar Solve’s IT systems are also audited annually by IASME an independent certification body. IASME are the sole Cyber Essentials scheme partner for the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Solar Solve have successfully passed the IASME audit and are now confirmed to have Cyber Essentials certification.

You can download our Cyber Essentials certificate here





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