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About Us

DO NOT buy poor quality inferior copies!

Specify the SOLASOLV-UK™ brand by name – no alternative – to ensure authenticity!

Since the Brand Leading SOLASOLV® products were created in the UK and launched into the Global Marine Industry in 1988, over 30 years ago, the REGISTERED® products and variations of them AND the REGISTERED® trading names and variations of them have been copied many times in many places.

We have been requested on many occasions over the years to visit vessels and other locations to uninstall and scrap Counterfeit products, often less than one year old, and replace them with our original Brand Leading products, which has resulted in false economy due to the additional expense for the end user.  Listening to their comments leads us to the conclusion that these cheaper Counterfeit copy products are inferior to SOLASOLV® and we want to bring this IMPORTANT INFORMATION to the attention of everyone who is involved with purchasing such products or who may be an end-user.

We also know from testimonials and customer feedback that unscrupulous businesses, who create trading names similar to Solar Solve and the SOLASOLV product names, are unlikely to supply their customers with the exceptional products and service that we do.  This can be verified by visiting our TESTIMONIALS page on this website.

There is not much we can do to counteract this situation but we have taken the opportunity to highlight it and create an additional trading name of SOLASOLV-UK.

Work is underway to ensure all of the SOLASOLV products we manufacture in future will be badged with some sort of SOLASOLV-UK label or logo to differentiate THE BEST from the rest, so please look out for it.

In the meantime if you are in ANY doubt that you may have been supplied with copy or counterfeit SOLASOLV-UK™ products please CONTACT US and we will be happy to help you as all of our products have a serial number attached.

The SOLASOLV-UK™ brand of anti-glare screens for ships is now more in demand than ever. Unfortunately, the strong reputation and popularity of our brand has also caught the attention of those looking to profit from criminal activity, and as a result, counterfeit SOLASOLV-UK™ products have made their way onto the market. Some companies are actually using the SOLASOLV brand name to try and “pass off” their inferior screens as genuine type approved SOLASOLV-UK™ products.

Some shipyards and ship owners are being misled into buying cheap counterfeit screens thinking they are the genuine SOLASOLV-UK™ products. These counterfeit products are often very poor quality and look awful. In fact, the counterfeit screens are often of such poor quality that concerned ship owners have contacted us directly to ask if the screens on their ships are genuine SOLASOLV® sunscreens.

Be cautious and don’t be misled! Low quality, inferior screens are NOT made in the UK by Solar Solve Ltd! CONTACT US if necessary for verification.

About Us

What are counterfeit goods?

The official definition of a counterfeit product is ‘something that has been made in imitation so as to be passed off fraudulently or deceptively as genuine’.

Counterfeit goods are sold under false pretences and are usually nothing like the genuine item.  They are often inferior in materials, quality, design and effectiveness, and are can be faulty.

Producers of counterfeit goods often use derivatives of the SOLASOLV-UK™ name, logo, and imagery to deceive purchasers into believing they are buying genuine SOLASOLV-UK™ products. The production and sale of counterfeit goods is illegal and the purchase of them funds further production and deception. 

About Us

Why should it matter?

  • Counterfeiters are criminals, and often have links to fraudulent organisations that commit identity theft and other serious crimes.
  • Counterfeit products are often sold at high prices in order to seem genuine, but in reality they are poor quality, imitation products.
  • The images used to represent the products rarely reflect what the products actually look like: what you see is not always what you get.
  • Producers of counterfeit products do not abide by the law or adhere to ethical and fair practices.

How to recognise a genuine SOLASOLV-UK™ product:

    • All genuine SOLASOLV-UK™ sunscreens have a special hologram label on the bottom rail which is difficult to duplicate. However, we have discovered that even our holograms are being copied too, although the website address on a counterfeit label will not link directly to our website www.solasolv.com (please check the spelling carefully as “.cn” equals made in China, for example).

    • Check the certificate of origin.  All genuine SOLASOLV-UK™ sunscreens are manufactured in our UK factory. To find out if your certificate of origin is genuine CONTACT US and we will check for you. PLEASE NOTE: Products manufactured before mid 2018 will not have the -UK suffix

    • Inside every wooden packing case we include an authenticity card which states in many different languages that the SOLASOLV-UK™ sunscreens inside are genuine.

  • All genuine SOLASOLV-UK™ sunscreens are branded on the cassette and bottom rail. A film colour label is always applied to the film on the bottom left-hand side (top-left if inverted).

  • All genuine SOLASOLV-UK™ sunscreens use high quality film. They look like the screen in the first photo below.

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About Us

How to recognise a counterfeit / copy SOLASOLV-UK™ product:

    • The only way to avoid unwittingly purchasing a counterfeit product is to buy direct from Solar Solve Ltd or from one of our worldwide Distributors or a reputable marine equipment supplier. For a list of worldwide Distributors please CONTACT US.
    • All SOLASOLV-UK™ products are “custom made” in South Shields, UK and are not available “off the shelf” or in “standard sizes”.
    • Keep in mind that when something looks too good to be true, it probably is.
    • Websites selling very low priced SOLASOLV® products are probably not selling the genuine product.
    • Always be vigilant when browsing for SOLASOLV® using internet search engines. Search engine providers do not monitor the sites they display; therefore search listings are not guaranteed to be authentic or safe.
    • Screens that have few or no identification labels are unlikely to be SOLASOLV-UK™ or SOLASAFE®, however some copies do have a label on the cassette saying SOLASOLV® or SOLASAFE® even when they are not!

    • Companies who claim to be authorised SOLAR SOLVE LTD Distributors when they are not.

    • Forged Type Approval certificates showing false company names and product details.

    • Website’s using our images, logos and brand names pretending to be us.

  • Printed information containing our logos and our brand names but not our UK address.
    *NOTE* Sometimes our Distributors use our name on their website and brochures but they don’t pretend to be us and they don’t manufacture the screens. If you are in any doubt please CONTACT US for help and advice.

SOLASOLV-UK™ Screens are Proven, Reliable and Guaranteed

SOLASOLV-UK™ are the only marine sun screens that are Type Approved by four leading type approval bodies – Lloyd’s, ABS, DNV and RINA





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