Don’t buy fakes

Don’t buy fakes

DO NOT buy poor quality inferior copies!

Specify the SOLASOLV® brand by name

Some companies try to copy our products. It’s a fact of life that others will try to emulate the best. However, some companies actually use the SOLASOLV® brand name and try to pass their inferior screens off as genuine SOLASOLV® products.

Some shipyards are being fooled into buying cheap fake screens thinking they are the genuine SOLASOLV® brand.  The fakes are very poor quality and look awful. In fact, the fake screens are so bad that concerned ship owners have contacted us directly to ask if the screens on their newbuilds are genuine SOLASOLV®.

DONT BE FOOLED!   Low quality, inferior screens are NOT made by us!

How to recognise a genuine SOLASOLV® product:

  • All genuine SOLASOLV® sunscreens have a special hologram label on the bottom rail which is difficult to duplicate.
    *UPDATE* we have discovered that even our holograms are being copied too.  However the website address on a fake label will not link to our website (please check the spelling carefully as .cn = made in China!).
  • Check the certificate of origin.  All genuine SOLASOLV® sunscreens are manufactured in the UK.  To check your certificate of origin is genuine contact us and we will check for you.
  • Inside every wooden crate we include an authenticity card which states in many different languages that the SOLASOLV® sunscreens inside are genuine.
  • All genuine SOLASOLV® sunscreens are branded on the cassette and bottom rail. A film colour label is always applied to the film on the bottom left-hand side (top-left if inverted).
  • All genuine SOLASOLV® sunscreens use high quality film. They look like the screen in the first photo below.

How to spot a fake anti glare screen:-

  • Screens that have few or no identification labels are unlikely to be SOLASOLV® or SOLASAFE®.
  • Companies who claim to be authorised SOLASOLV® Distributors when they are not.
  • Forged Type Approval certificates showing false company names and product details.
  • Website’s using our images, logos and brand names pretending to be us.
  • Printed information containing our logos and our brand names but not our UK address.
    *NOTE* Sometimes our Distributors use our name on their website and brochures but they don’t pretend to be us and they don’t manufacture the screens. If you are in doubt please contact us for help and advice.

If you are in ANY doubt that you may have been supplied with fake SOLASOLV® products please CONTACT US and we will be happy to help you.

SOLASOLV® Screens are Proven, Reliable and Guaranteed

SOLASOLV® are the only marine sun screens that are Type Approved by all three leading type approval bodies – Lloyds, ABS and DNV-GL