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John H. Lightfoot MBE - 10.07.2018


With so much false news doing the rounds these days I am often sceptical about some things I read, especially if they seem a bit unbelievable.

Whilst doing a bit of research for this ‘BE GREEN’ blog, I came across an article on the BBC website that highlighted a statement that ‘Antarctica has lost three trillion tonnes of ice in 25 years’.

It sounds awesome and grabbed my attention.  Then I wondered, ‘How much is 3 trillion tonnes of ice on the scale of things?’  How much ice is there in Antarctica?  Over 25 years sounds like a long time.  I had to read the piece to get an idea of what it is all about.  Here is the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-44470208.  Whatever the actual figures are, it gets the message across that we need to be aware that the earth’s ice caps are melting.  The article gives an idea of the vastness of them, so will anything the human race does to counteract the melting have a worthwhile effect?  Lots of people and the majority of governments globally think that it will, with the consensus being that something has to be done to reduce the rate at which the ice is melting.

Hence the obsession with all things green and the principle that every little helps.  That is why we at Solar Solve had a science laboratory carry out tests and create hypothetical ‘vessel route’ situations; to assess if any savings can be made when SOLASOLV roller sunscreens are in use at a vessels navigation bridge windows when air conditioning is in use.

The laboratory scientist proved that savings of up to 81% of the air conditioning power could be saved, with a resultant saving in costs and ALSO 81% SAVINGS IN GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS.

It is a very important benefit and we have created a BE GREEN page on our website that has a lot more information about it.  The page is here: https://www.solasolv.com/be-green-in-2018-with-solar-solve-marine/ and you may find it interesting if you take a look.

Solar Solve Marine
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