Tens of thousands of politicians, news reporters and media ‘experts’ have been kept in plentiful work for the last two years pontificating about BREXIT and they will surely continue to do so for the next couple of years as well.  Lucky them, being able to give meaningless opinions and talk for thousands of hours about nothing really, whilst they entertain people who care but have no control now over the future of how this important decision will be transformed into reality.

Those of us who can do nothing about it, other than to wait and see what finally transpires by March 2019, have some choices to consider.  One of them is to follow the negotiations closely as they happen by listening and reading everything that is churned out by the media at large and then express feelings and opinions that nobody will listen to, but may make you feel better.

My choice is to just let them get on with it and ask me what I think after March 2019, but not before then.  I am lucky to have an important job running Solar Solve Marine, which is a very successful company supplying brand-leading Type Approved special window blinds and screens to shipowners and ship builders globally and has done for 30 years.  We already have a very good first half-year of profitable trading under our belt and the indications are that the second half-year is going to be significantly better.

I do not want to be distracted by events that I cannot control.  I want to be working with the dedicated team of long serving employees here at our South Shields based headquarters, supplying our valuable customers with the very best SOLASOLV and ROLASOLV products and service that will ensure the people on their vessels or in their air traffic control towers, or crane cabs or locomotives or offices enjoy the benefits they provide to enhance the environment in which they work or relax.

The best thing about all of this is the fact that whilst all-and-sundry are offering their opinions about the disasters that they think are bound to be associated with BREXIT, in reality there is still plenty of good things out there.  The trouble is you have to go out and look for them because the media don’t seem to be interested in good news.