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How To Measure

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How To Measure

All Solar Solve window shades are custom made. It is very important that customers provide accurate information regarding sizes, dimensions and window shapes.

Solar Solve Cannot Be Held Responsible For Incorrect Sizes.

Help and Advice: Please contact us for help and advice with measuring to ensure your window shades are a perfect fit.

TOP TIP: When measuring always use a metal tape measure.

Please note that you can follow the video instructions or the written ones below the video.

How To Measure Inside A Window Recess:

How To Measure A Window Width And Height (Including Outside Recess):


Written Instructions (Inside Recess Left, Outside Recess Right) :


Carefully measure width “A” at 2 points. This will identify the recess and window shape e.g. Square / Rectangular or Tapered. Then carefully measure the Recess Drop “B” which is also the Blind Drop. If INSIDE recess is selected Solar Solve will deduct 6mm from the width provided, to obtain the Blind Width and ensure the blind/screen will fit perfectly inside the recess.

Decide where the blind/screen is to be installed and carefully measure width “W” at 2 points. This will identify the recess and window shape e.g. Square / Rectangular or Tapered. Then carefully measure the Drop “D”. Give the dimension “W” as the OUTSIDE Recess WIDTH dimension (PW or CW) and the dimension “D” as the DROP RD. If OUTSIDE recess is selected no deductions to the width will be made.

NOTE: Please take into account any obstructions such as wiper motor units, air vents and other instruments which may be fixed on or near the window, as these may interfere with the operation of the screen. Also take in to account that the screens/blind size will need to be altered when installed together in corners.

Fixing Brackets

UNI-FIX bracket photo
TOP-FIX bracket photo
SIDE-FIX bracket photo
Photo of the angled bracket

We suggest Uni-fix brackets for inverted screen installations.

Available Film Colours

NameIN sideOUT side

Sunblinds/Screen – Available Shapes

Click here to see available screen shapes

Trapezium/Rhomboid/Parallelogram Shaped windows:

Where space at the top of the window is limited, an area of glass A would not be covered by the film/fabric.

Where the space at the top allows the roller/cassette to be extended the extra width of film/fabric allows all of the glass to be covered.





SOLASAFE® Anti Glare Screens

SOLAROLA® Anti Glare Screens

STOPLITE® Stop in any position Flame Retardant Blackout Roller Blind

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