Installation Guide for Litetite Blinds

Installation Guide for Litetite Blinds

Also available are fitting instructions for:-

LITETITE® Blackout blind Fitting Instructions

Please follow these instructions when fitting LITETITE cassette mounted blackout blinds. Outside of the window recess fitting instructions can be found via the link at the bottom of this page.

Decide EXACTLY where the screen/blind is to be fitted, ensuring that:

  • The screen/blind will not interfere with window stays or any other obstructions, when operated.
  • The screen is absolutely level
  • The brackets are fixed securely (the distance between the brackets will vary depending on the size of the screens).

1) Install outer side channels into black curtain feeds at top:


 2) Fit outer side channels into black bottom moulding at the base and screw the outer channel in place:

3) Fit black bottom moulding in to the inner channel and slide inner channel in to the outer channel:

4) Ensure inner channels are square to the outer ones. The gap of the inner channel can be altered inside the bottom moulding by using a screwdriver as shown below. Once the blind is checked and is operating fine follow instructions A then B below to drill and lock inner channel in place: