There is so much negative stuff going on at the moment, all round the world, that I could write a blog about but I decided that it would not be a very good idea.  Why add more depressing comments to an already-overdone globally depressed situation?

I decided to look for some good news to comment on and as always, I didn’t have to look any further than Solar Solve.

We are not sure if it is as a result of the very depressing Brexit fiasco, but we have been extra busy for weeks now and there does not seem to be any respite on the horizon.  Good news indeed for everyone here.  It means some overtime working for our great team of committed employees but we will certainly cope and make sure we delight our valued customers, which is what Solar Solve is all about.

The global marine industry seems to be picking up very well with lots of activity and we are enjoying more than our normal share.  Long may it continue.

Continuing on the theme of customer service, I bought a garden sweeper recently via the Internet and it arrived, direct from a Brand Leading manufacturer, with parts missing.  The item must have been open for some reason and I suspect it was returned to the factory.  Instead of opening it to check everything was intact it must have just been put back on the shelf and then sent out to me.  That is not good practice for a successful company to operate regarding any products, especially when they cost £500 as my sweeper did.

I was frustrated that I then had the hassle of contacting the supplying agent with an explanatory email and accompanying photos to show what I was saying was the truth.

However, within a couple of hours they contacted me with an apology. Saying the manufacturer is going to send them the parts needed, for onward forwarding to me.  I await the final outcome and will let readers know next week if it is a case of doom and gloom or GOOD NEWS.

JHL MBE SSL Co. Chairman