Betagas ship photo


Solar Solve Marine has recently won 3 separate orders for their class approved roller screens to be installed at the navigation bridge windows of two LPG tankers and an LNG tanker.

At the end of May, Germany based Sloman Neptune confirmed a small order for MV Betagas, a LNG tanker built in 1997 at Appledore Shipbuilders in the UK. Then in the middle of June a second order was placed by Lauritzen in Denmark for Telma Kosan, an LPG tanker built in 1994, also at Appledore Shipbuilders. Shell International then confirmed an order the same week for LNG Lagos, a LNG tanker built way back in 1976 at Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in France.

Solar Solve specialise in providing sun and glare protection for the marine and offshore industry, and SOLASOLV® anti-glare screens are installed at the windows of all types of ships, rigs and cranes worldwide. Regarded as an essential safety product, they effectively reject up to 87% of heat and up to 93% of glare from the sun to significantly reduce eye-strain. Visual displays are easier to read and a clear outward view is maintained for safer navigation and marine operations. A more comfortable working environment means the ships’ crew are less prone to fatigue, minimising human error. Suitable for newbuilds and retrofits, SOLASAFE® screens are guaranteed for 7 years and Type Approved by Lloyds, ABS and DNV-GL.

Paul Hopkins, Sales & Marketing Executive at Solar Solve commented, “Gas carriers play an important part in transporting fuel around the world. These orders for SOLASAFE® sun screens prove that the companies operating these vessels are dedicated to maintaining high safety standards onboard. The screens will act as a navigation safety aid for the bridge crew.”

Top Image – MV Betagas, below Telma Kosan and bottom LNG Lagos have all ordered SOLASOLV® roller sunscreens for their navigation bridge windows.