Photo showing Normand Seven ship


Our dedicated team at Solar Solve Marine were very pleased to hear the good news that one of the vessels we have supplied has been voted ‘Ship of 2007’ in Norway. Built by Ulstein Werft, at 130 meters length and 28 metres breadth the Normand Seven is the yards biggest vessel to date and the first pure offshore production vessel.

Designed by Norwegian Vik-Sandvik the ship can undertake subsea maintenance and installation, umbilical and flexi pipelay work, ROV support and much more with her dynamic positioning system.

Owned by Solstad Shipping the vessel has been chartered by Subsea 7 for eight years, the first two of which are underway laying flexible production pipes at depths of up to 2,000 metres off the coast of Brazil.

Seventeen SOLAROLA® anti glare window blinds were supplied for the wheelhouse windows to protect staff from heat, glare and uv radiation from the sun. Solar heat rejection rates are high and result in HVAC power savings as well as employee protection.

John Lightfoot, Solar Solve’s Chairman said, “We have been supplying our products to the Norwegian shipyards for 20 years. They are often integrated into vessel designs by consultants like Vik-Sandvik, who are aware of the exceptional benefits the anti glare window blinds bring and the advantages that will ultimately result for their customers and the end users.”

He added, “Whilst both Solstad Shipping and Subsea 7 personnel are well aware of the improved working conditions the SOLAROLA® anti glare window blinds create, we take nothing for granted and are very proud that once again we have been chosen as the preferred supplier by this group of 4 significant players in the offshore industry.”