Our products

Our products

SOLASOLV® Transparent Sunscreens

Photo - SOLASAFESOLASOLV® are the worlds No1 brand of Transparent Anti-Glare Sunblinds and Sunshades. They reduce glare and heat caused by the sun to create a safer and more comfortable operational environment. SOLASOLV® are Type Approved for use on Marine Vessels and Oil Rigs.  They are also installed in Air Traffic Control Towers, Crane Cabs, VTS Towers and many other locations where navigators and operators need a completely clear glare-free outside view. Click here to find out more…


ROLASOLV® Fabric Roller Blinds

CASSLITE fabric roller shade photoROLASOLV® are the only Flame Retardant Blackout Roller Blinds that are Type Approved for use on board Marine Vessels and Offshore Platforms including Oil Rigs, Drilling Units, FPSO’s, Jack-ups and other Offshore Structures.

ROLASOLV® are ideal for Crew Rest Areas, Dining Areas, Cinemas and any other locations where total blackout or semi-blackout conditions are required.

 Type Approved by Lloyds, ABS, DNV-GL and RINA

A Proven Product

SOLASOLV® and ROLASOLV® are used on Marine Vessels, Oil Rigs, Platforms, Air Traffic Control Towers, Cranes and many other locations where the sun is a problem.