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DIMMLITE® fabric roller blinds provide privacy for windows in many marine interior areas including offices, passenger and crew cabins, meeting rooms, lounges and more.

Photo - DIMMLITE fabric roller blindDIMMLITE® fabric roller blinds provide privacy for windows in many marine interior areas including offices, passenger and crew cabins, meeting rooms, lounges and more.

They are available in a large selection of flame retardant fabrics from dimming fabrics, and transparent fabrics to blackout fabrics.

DIMMLITE® is also available in hundreds of fabric colours so that it can be perfectly co-ordinated to your exact requirements. The huge range of fabric colours give a warm and spacious feeling to your room.

Like all products in the ROLASOLV® range DIMMLITE® has been designed to be simple to install and easy to operate.

DIMMLITE® is of course available in manual operation but for added luxury and hard to reach areas it is also available in electrical operation.

With first class custom-made products, fast delivery, quality packaging, spare parts included as standard, excellent after sales service and a 1−year Guarantee, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without DIMMLITE®.

Screen Shapes

Click here to see the available screen shapes

Types of Operation

Several different types of operation are available. Please contact our technical department for help or advice.

Double pulley bottom rail constant tension spring Ideal for sloping windows!

Double Pulley Contstant Tension Spring DPCT image


Constant tension spring centre pull

Constant Tension Centre Pull CTCP image


Self-lock Spring

Self Lock Spring image


Left or right hand side chain clutch













Click the images below to see photographs of actual operation (please note a pop-up window will appear)

AC or DC Electrical Operation

Electric by remote control, group control and ⁄ or local individual control − ideal for blinds that are difficult to access. Low-voltage

Electric Operation image


(LOVO-24V D.C) is available for smaller sized roller blinds. High voltage (HIVO-230V A.C, 50Hz or 60Hz) is available over the full range of roller blind sizes. Contact the technical department for more details.





Battery Operation

Radio Control Handset
Surface Mounted Switch


The Radio controller is CE marked (European Conformity) and transmits on 433MHz.

The Radio controller complies with:

  • 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive
  • 89/336/EEC EMC Directive
  • 1995/5/EC Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) Directive

NOTE: Please make sure that this frequency will not interfere with any other equipment before ordering.

Battery Powered - Standard Batteries or Re-chargable Batteries can be used
Standard Batteries or Re-chargeable Batteries can be used


Choice of Films

A large selection of Flame Retardant fabric types and colours are available. Standard ranges include the following:

  • Blackout Fabric − 67% PVC, 25% Fibre Glass, 8% Adhesive with M1 Fire Classification (France). Easily cleaned with soap and water. Available in 6 standard colours: Navy Blue, Cream, Ecru, White, Grey and Black. Other colours available on request.
  • LYVERSCREEN® Fabric − Open weave fibreglass with flameproof vinyl coating, very versatile and easily maintained. Variations in the weave openness allow various degrees of outward visibility. 3 standard colours including White Sand, White Grey and White Pearle. With over 50 more available by special request.
  • 100% Polyester Fabric − Available in 3 standard plain colours: Denim, Ivory, Caramel. Other colours are available on request.

How to Measure

Full instructions are available here. Or from our technical services staff.

Types of Fixing

 Image - DIMMLITE fabric roller blind


Installation Guide

Click here to view the installation guide

Max and Min Dimensions

Maximum and Minimum dimensions will vary, depending on the type of operation. These are as follows:-

All dimensions are in millimetres (mm).

Type of OperationMax WidthMax DropMin WidthMin Drop
Constant Tension Spring
Side Chain Clutch
Low Voltage Electric Motor
High Voltage Electric Motor

*Please note that the maximum width does not mean that you can also achieve the maximum drop and vice versa. Please check with us to see if we can manufacture to your dimensions if they are large.

Packing and Despatch

We offer a 24 Hour Fast Despatch service for urgent orders. DIMMLITE® blinds are supplied ready to install with a screw fixings for each bracket. They have a compact design for fast and easy installation by the ship’s crew.

All products are individually tested and inspected prior to packing in our high quality, custom made wooden cases to ensure our products are delivered to you in perfect working order every time!

Other applications...

SOLASOLV® Anti-glare, heat rejecting transparent roller sun blinds, sun screens and ROLASOLV® Blackout roller blinds are also ideal for other commercial and industrial use where professionals must face harsh blinding sunlight during their working day or where total blackout conditions are required. Here are just a few of the many other uses:-