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Dual Blind System

Solar Solve can supply a dual blind cassette system for just one window. It can be manufactured using a combination of fabrics.

With changing weather conditions, crew working hours create the need for versatile window coverings and the requirement for 24 hour window protection, against differing lighting conditions.

Our dual roller blind combines all of the benefits of two blinds housed in one. Choose between a combination of the two fabrics to create a custom-made blind that will provide continuous and varied shading for both passengers and crew at all times, day or night.

Dual Blind

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So how does the dual blind work?

The dual blind has a cassette mounted at both the top and bottom. Inside each cassette is a roller which can house the fabric. The upper blind’s bottom rail can be pulled down and locked with the lower blind’s bottom rail to join the blinds together as one.

dual blind locking mechanism

This allows you to use one type of material when the blind is lowered and the second type of material when the blind is raised. The blind can be stopped at any position so you can have various amounts of both materials shown at the same time.

If you want access to the window then simply unlock both bottom rails and one or both blinds can be retracted in to their cassettes as shown below on the left.

dual blind 6


Choice of Fabrics

The standard range includes the following:

  • Blackout Fabric
  • Flame Retardant Fabric
  • Screen Weave Fabric

Packing and Despatch

We offer a Fast Despatch service. The dual blind system is compact in design for fast and easy installation by the ship’s crew.

All products are individually tested and inspected prior to packing in our high quality, custom made wooden cases to ensure our products are delivered to you in perfect working order every time!


Other applications...

SOLASOLV® Anti-glare, heat rejecting transparent roller sun blinds, sun screens and ROLASOLV® Blackout roller blinds are also ideal for other commercial and industrial use where professionals must face harsh blinding sunlight during their working day or where total blackout conditions are required. Here are just a few of the many other uses:-