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Anti glare screens and fabric roller blinds

SELFPOWA® is a simple and affordable Remote Controlled system for operating roller blinds and screens.

SELFPOWA® is 100% Wireless and Battery Operated. No wiring is required. The 12v DC lithium battery powered motor is discretely located out of sight within the aluminium roller blind tube.

Photo - Selfpowa operating system

Image Somfy RemoteEnjoy the convenience of a powered roller blind or screen from the comfort of your seat. The roller blind can be raised or lowered using the remote control providing the perfect solution for operating blinds in difficult places or at high or large windows. A wide choice of remote control options are available for controlling individual or multiple roller blinds simultaneously.










Photo - selfpowa roller blind solar panel

Solar Powered

An optional solar panel can be used to recharge the lithium battery.

SELFPOWA® can be used with

SOLASOLV® Transparent Anti-Glare Window Shades


Blackout fabric Roller Blinds

Photo - CASSLITE fabric roller blind

The SELFPOWA® system can be used to remotely operate both SOLASOLV® and ROLASOLV® blinds and screens which are used on Marine Vessels, Oil Rigs, Gas Platforms, VTS Control Towers, Air Traffic Control Towers, Cranes and many other locations where the sun is a problem!

SELFPOWA® has many benefits

  • Remote controlled – No cords or chains!
  • Battery Powered    – No electrical connections!
  • Easy to Use, Stops at Any Position
  • Quick & Easy to Install so Costs are Reduced
  • No Disruption to Interior Decor
  • A Type Approved Product
  • Comprehensive Technical Assistance
  • Fast manufacture and despatch worldwide
  • Spare parts included

 Type Approved by Lloyds, ABS and DNV-GL

Packing and Despatch

We offer a 24 Hour Fast Despatch service for urgent orders. SELFPOWA® blinds are supplied ready to install with a single screw fixing for each bracket and come as one complete unit. They have a compact design for fast and easy installation by the ship’s crew.

All products are individually tested and inspected prior to packing in our high quality, custom made wooden cases to ensure our products are delivered to you in perfect working order every time!

Other applications...

SOLASOLV® Anti-glare, heat rejecting transparent roller sun blinds, sun screens and ROLASOLV® Blackout roller blinds are also ideal for other commercial and industrial use where professionals must face harsh blinding sunlight during their working day or where total blackout conditions are required. Here are just a few of the many other uses:-