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Our Packaging Promise

A long time ago we created a company that has an open door policy to every part of our processes and part of that means that we have to be a company that is ethically and environmentally responsible.

We think long term and know we have to balance issues like climate change and pollution.

Our packaging mission is to: Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle all of our packaging. In the past this has included the repurposing of our wooden boxes in to a guinea pig hutch some time ago. More details on that can be found here

Right now, the most important change we can make is to recycle as much as we can and continue to ask local councils and recycling centres to improve their services.

We will continue to strive to reduce and improve all areas of packaging and waste because just like you we believe in reducing our environmental impact to ensure we create a better landscape for future generations.


Wooden Boxes

Our wooden boxes are 100% recyclable and made out of timber and plywood that can also be reused or repurposed. Our boxes are held together with staples and screws that can easily be removed in order for the box to be dismantled or turned into something else. As our products are often different quantities and dimensions, and sent all over the world, we need to ensure that the goods arrive safely at their destination which is why we use wood. All of our wood is ethically sourced.

Brown Paper Tape

Our brown paper tape is 100% recyclable.

Cardboard & Paper Material

All the card and paper material found inside your box is 100% recyclable.

Plastic Bags

Our plastic parts bags are recyclable. Please recycle them responsibly and they will be used again and again and turned into all manner of other products in the future.

Bubble Wraps

Our bubble wrap is recyclable. Please recycle it responsibly and it will be used again and again and turned into all manner of other products in the future.





SOLASAFE® Anti Glare Screens

SOLAROLA® Anti Glare Screens

STOPLITE® Stop in any position Flame Retardant Blackout Roller Blind

Solar Solve Marine
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