Photo showing Bunga Kelana 10 ship


An order for 19 Type Approved SOLASAFE anti glare, heat rejecting roller screens from South Shields based Solar Solve Marine have now been installed at the navigation bridge windows of the 12 year old Aframax Crude Oil Tanker Bunga Kelana 3.

The 105,784dwt vessel had to take an unscheduled dry-docking recently after being involved in a collision off Singapore’s Changi coast. Fortunately there was no injury to any of the crew members but one of its cargo tanks was pretty badly damaged.

The Bunga Kelana series of vessels are well known to Solar Solve as many of them have their very effective SOLASOLV brand roller screens installed to protect crew from the sun’s glare, heat and uv radiation. Sister ships Bunga Kelana 7, 8, 9 and 10 were delivered during 2004 with SOLASAFE screens at all of the wheelhouse windows during construction by Samsung HI at their Geoje island facility in South Korea.

AET Group, the vessels’ owner, is a leading worldwide petroleum shipping company that employs more than 3000 highly skilled and dedicated people across the world to operate a young and technically advanced fleet of 77 tankers. The business is managed from regional centres in London, Houston, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to move crude oil and refined products for the world’s oil companies and trading houses.

Julie Lightfoot, Solar Solve Marine’s Managing Director commented, “We know that AET is growing rapidly and enjoys a global reputation for delivering the highest standards of service, safety and responsibility. It is fitting that we have supplied our products to many of their vessels as we too make the same claims.”

She added, “Solar Solve is extremely proud to be involved as a supplier to AET, to ensure the very best protection for personnel who work in the wheelhouse of a vessel and to help reduce its power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.”

Top Image – Seen here is the Aframax Crude Oil Tanker Bunga Kelana 10, one of Bunga Kelana 3’s sister ships that were all built in 2004 to the same specification – 105,000dwt, 243mt Long, 42mt Wide and 21mt Deep with 17,000 HP engines and a service speed of 15 knots. They each have 20 or more SOLASAFE roller screens installed at the bridge windows to enhance the crew working environment.