Japanese Flag


This year most of the world’s shipbuilders are suffering a dearth of orders the likes of which have not been encountered since 2009 but the good news for South Shields based Solar Solve Marine is that the exception is Japan where SOLASOLV and ROLASOLV products are enjoying a big increase in demand.

After surviving two decades of fierce competition with South Korea and especially China, Japan is well placed to benefit from the current significant downturn in demand for new vessels globally.

With more modern-day shipbuilding experience than its Far-East neighbours, its inherent requirement for top-quality products, its reluctance to import marine equipment and the loyal support of a patriotic customer base of Japanese shipowners who are ordering frantically to revive the nations once dominant domestic fleet, once again Japan has evolved into an extremely successful, self-sufficient shipbuilding nation.

This accomplishment has resulted in shipowners from all maritime nations turning to Japan for their somewhat depleted new-build requirements, in spite of prices generally being up to 10% higher than their Korean and Chinese competitors. It seems the Japanese quality of products and workmanship and commitment to delivering on time is worth paying extra for.

Fortunately for Solar Solve Marine, their SOLASOLV Type Approved antiglare roller sunscreens that protect navigation bridge personnel against the sun and ROLASOLV Type Approved roller blind products for many other locations on a vessel, have been the global Brand Leaders for 25 years. They are the obvious products of choice for the discerning shipowners and quality-motivated Japanese shipbuilders. Left Image – John Lightfoot, Solar Solve’s chairman commented, “Compared with the same period last year, so far this year we have supplied two-and-a-half times as many vessels with four times the number of blinds / screens per vessel and at order values that are three and a half times higher. That is a great result.”

John continued, “One thousand four hundred years ago the Japanese changed their country’s name to Nippon – The Land of the Rising Sun and the sun is certainly shining on their shipbuilders this year.”

“The team at Solar Solve are very pleased to be benefiting from their success and we are extremely proud of the fact that there is no manufacturer in Japan or the Far East that can supply Japanese shipbuilders with an equivalent product.”