In mid-April Solar Solve Marine were approached by Southampton Hydro Team, a group of students from the Universities of Southampton and Southampton Solent who are participating in the HydroContest, an international competition taking place annually in Saint Tropez, France, which is designed to promote cooperation in the advancement of technology to reduce emissions caused by shipping.  They wanted to know if we would be interested in supporting or sponsoring them.

After checking out the team’s website at it was obvious to Solar Solve’s Chairman, John Lightfoot, MBE, that everyone associated with the Universities, the Hydro Team and this commendable project  believe that this is a noble cause and a worthy investment for the future.  John was also enthused by what he saw and read and immediately agreed to Solar Solve becoming an official sponsor.

The team want to design, build and race two innovative composite-made energy efficient boats and plan on bringing never-before-seen technology to this year’s international HydroContest competition, organised by the Hydros Foundation, which they can only achieve with outside financial help. The funds will need to cover the costs of building the boats, buying the advanced materials and components and the necessary logistical support for the competition.

John Lightfoot commented, “As soon as I was contacted I had a positive feeling about this project.  However, when I read the sentence in the email that read, ‘… to support a team of young engineering students that are committed with the environment and ocean protection and building innovative composite made boats (one with carbon fibre foils) would probably be of your interest…’, I was hooked.”

“My personal interest in this project is two-fold.  As a professional engineer I try to support and encourage young people to enter the profession and I was especially pleased to see that Southampton Hydro Teams usually include female engineers and students.  Purely by coincidence my website blog on 10th April was about that very subject.  The second coincidence is that every 2 or 3 years we include in our Solar Solve annual marketing plan a GO-GREEN campaign and it has been included again in our 2018 plan, so this year we can add a different slant on the subject with our commitment to supporting this innovative energy efficient project.”

The Team at Solar Solve are looking forward to working with Southampton Hydro Team to help them achieve their very admirable objectives and to create as much publicity for them as we can and in return they will promote two of Solar Solve’s logos on their boats.

Naturally we wish them every success in the races and also with achieving their main objective of making some ground breaking discoveries that will advance the technology to reduce emissions caused by shipping.

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