Red Falcon Screen photo


At the end of June, UK based Solar Solve Marine received a request from Red Funnel Ferries to travel down to Southampton on the South coast to carry out a survey on 14 SOLASOLV ® roller screens. The screens were installed at the navigation bridge windows of the Red Falcon, a ferry which commutes daily to the Isle of Wight.

Most of the screens were still in active service providing a clear outward view for the ships crew, despite the fact their identification labels showed they were 20 years old! As the owner had been so pleased with their performance and durability it was decided to replace them all with new screens. These were recently ordered by a Southampton based Interior Outfitter so they could be installed at the same time as other outfitting work was being completed.

SOLASOLV® anti glare screens are installed at the windows of all types of ships, rigs and cranes worldwide. They are an essential safety product, effectively rejecting up to 87% of heat and up to 93% of glare from the sun. Eye-strain is significantly reduced ensuring visual displays are easier to read, and a clear outward view is maintained for safer navigation and marine operations. A more ambient room temperature means that the crew are less prone to fatigue which can lead to human error. Suitable for newbuilds and retrofits, SOLASOLV® screens are guaranteed for 7 years and Type Approved by Lloyds, ABS and DNV-GL.

Paul Hopkins, Sales & Marketing Executive commented, “It was a nice surprise to find a set of roller screens that old and still in operation. The oldest SOLASOLV ® screens we have previously come across were 17 years old, but seeing how well these screens still worked gave us immense pride and shows that SOLASOLV ® screens will stand the test of time. We hope Red Falcon enjoys another 20 years of excellent service from their brand new set of screens.”

Top Image – SOLASOLV® roller screens onboard Red Falcon which were still in active service after 20 years.