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Cruise Ships - Passenger Ferries - and many other passenger vessels!

Cruise holidays are still regarded as luxurious owing to the high standard and number of modern facilities onboard vessels. Most vessels offer an extensive choice of dining options, entertainment and activities to meet a broad range of passenger tastes.

MV Silver WindBut while passengers are enjoying the leisurely pace of life on board, spare a thought for the ships crew. From chefs and waiting staff, to chamber maids and entertainers, a cruise ship depends on the dedication and commitment of all crew for continued popularity and success.

The navigation crew are key personnel, working on the bridge in teams throughout the day and night ensuring smooth sailing and passenger safety. Given the importance of this role, comfortable and safe working conditions are a priority, and a clear view ahead is essential!

SOLASOLV® Transparent Anti-Glare Sunscreens are the only transparent anti-glare sunscreens in the world that are Type Approved for marine use by FOUR major type approval bodies – Lloyds, DNV, ABS and RINA. They are a proven safety aid when installed at navigation windows, reducing glare and heat caused by the sun to create a safer, more comfortable operational environment.

ROLASOLV® Fabric Blackout Roller Shades are Flame Retardant. They are the ONLY BRAND in the world Type Approved for use on all types of marine vessels. ROLASOLV® window shades turn day into night helping crew, guests and owners get valuable rest. Available in a range of colours to match your interior decor.

There has never been a better time to install SOLASOLV® screens on your vessel to ensure safer navigation and crew comfort.

SOLASOLV® Transparent Anti-Glare Sunscreens

MS Caribbean PrincessThere are significant economic and environmental arguments to reduce power consumption, eliminate wastage and increase energy efficiency within the marine and shipping industry. Products such as SOLASOLV® anti glare roller screens can  help achieve this by reducing demand on air cooling systems, helping to lower harmful CO2 emissions for a greener, cleaner environment.

In additional to the environmental and cost saving benefits, the safety aspect of our Anti Glare screens is also extremely important. Safe operation of marine vessels is essential to ensure an incident-free workplace.

SOLASOLV® screens reduce up to 93% of glare and reflection from the sun and are ideal for windows on the navigation bridge, wheelhouse, control rooms, observation / operation rooms, and any windows where it is vital that navigators and operators have a completely clear outside view. They are also effective at rejecting glare that reflects off ice and snow and low winter sun.

By rejecting up to 87% of the sun’s heat SOLASOLV® screens create a pleasant and comfortable working environment on the bridge.

International regulations and certification is well-covered within Solar Solve’s product range. Frequent inspections and audits from recognised classification bureaus and an effective internal quality system ensures top quality, reliable and effective products. SOLASOLV® is the only brand in the world to be Type Approved by DNV, Lloyds, ABS and RINA. All products are custom made, instantly retractable, easy to install and simple to use.

SOLASAFE® Sunscreens have a 7 year guarantee.

Sunglasses for Ships

Specify the SOLASOLV® brand by name – no alternative – to ensure your fleet have the most effective and reliable sun protection available for new builds, re-fits, upgrades and conversions….guaranteed to perform and maintenance free.

Type Approved by Lloyds, ABS, DNV and RINA

SOLASOLV® sunscreens are the only sun shades in the world to be Type Approved by Lloyd’s, ABS, DNV and RINA to prove they meet the latest regulatory requirements.

ROLASOLV® Fabric Blackout Roller Blinds

Passenger comfort is of paramount importance on cruise ships, however, when it comes to fitting-out cruise ships designers often face the difficulty of sourcing quality items that look good and can withstand a demanding environment.  These are some of the reasons why the ROLASOLV® brand is specified by cruise ship owners worldwide.

CASSLITE® roller blinds were installed by Solar Solve Marine technicians in the Starlight Lounge and annexes on board Victoria. LITETITE® blackout blinds have been fitted to the windows of the Horizon Lounge on board Arcadia along with DIMMLITE® blinds which were installed in the Captains Lounge and cabin areas.

ROLASOLV® roller blinds are suitable for all accommodation area windows including passenger and crew cabins, lounges, restaurants, cinemas, changing rooms and light sensitive storage areas.

ROLASOLV® Fabric Blackout Roller Blinds are Type Approved by DNV and regularly specified for Floatels, Oil rigs, Gas platforms, FPSO’s, Supply ships and other offshore vessels. Our high performance fabrics have BS5438 flame spread certification and comply with the mandatory IMO (International Maritime Organization) FTPC Part 7 A.563(14) Resolution  – the main fire testing standard for Textiles and Films.

ROLASOLV® Fabric Blackout Roller Blinds are suitable for most windows including guest cabins, crew quarters, theatres and other areas where blackout conditions are required. Ideal for night shift workers who need to get sleep during daylight hours.

Textile Partitions

Solar Solve can manufacture roller blinds designed as textile partitions for use at hatches, kiosks, serving stations and service counters simply to close off the area after hours or while food is being prepared – an easy to use product with the highest quality in operational design and finish.

STOPLITE® Fabric Blackout Roller Blinds

STOPLITE® is a Blackout Roller Blind inside a protective aluminium cassette. It comes with double side channels and light barrier brush strips. It significantly reduces sunlight to create ideal day-time sleeping conditions. It has NO chains and NO cords leaving a clutter free window area. The specially designed bottom rail can be stopped instantly in any position to act like a sun visor when a completely dark room is not required.


The standard STOPLITE® roller blind is supplied with a flame retardant blackout fabric from a choice of colours and can be manufactured and dispatched within a few days, depending on quantity required. STOPLITE® can be manufactured in a fabric from the KVADRAD inherently flame retardant range at an additional cost.

For ease of use a handle is fitted to the bottom rail to lock it at the required position. The STOPLITE® roller blind is a NEW product in Solar Solve Marine’s ROLASOLV® range of Sun Protection Systems and is Type Approved by DNV for use on all types of marine vessel.

“when it comes to crew fatigue management, STOPLITE® is an ideal solution for cabin windows in Floatels, Cruise Ships and other marine accommodation units to improve the sleep quality of crew and guests”.

STOPLITE® has many benefits

  • No cords or chains – Stops at Any Position!
  • Creates almost Blackout Conditions to improve sleep quality for crew
  • Simple to install – Easy to use
  • Flame Retardant and Type Approved
  • Choice of colours
  • Comprehensive Technical Assistance
  • Comprehensive 2 Year Guarantee
  • Fast manufacture and dispatch worldwide
  • Spare parts included

Type Approved by DNV


ROLASOLV® Fabric Roller and Blackout Blinds are Type Approved by DNV to prove they meet the latest regulatory requirements.

Some Cruise Ships and Ferries benefiting from Solar Solve products:

M/V Silver Wind
Caribbean Princess
Marella Discovery
Queen Mary 2
Grand Princess
Carnival SunshinePiano Land
Norwegian Jewel
Celebrity Millennium
Navigator Of The Seas
Norwegian Star
Norwegian Spirit
Vasco da Gama
The World

Other applications...

SOLASOLV® Anti-glare, heat rejecting transparent roller sun blinds, sun screens and ROLASOLV® Blackout roller blinds are also ideal for other commercial and industrial use where professionals must face harsh blinding sunlight during their working day or where total blackout conditions are required. Here are just a few of the many other uses:-