I hope regular readers will forgive me for writing yet another blog about South Shields Marine School.  I am very proud to be a Fellow of the Marine School, that was founded 158 years ago and admit to being biased but for good reasons.

This time it is to report the fact that the Marine School has been awarded the UK’s highest further and higher education honour for its ground-breaking innovation in advanced 3D modelling.  The school is now part of Tyne Coast College and has won the Queens Anniversary Prize for its expertise in creating high-tech digital scenarios that allow naval architects and civil engineers to design and safely implement multi-million pound, real-world projects.

The biennial Award is made by Her Majesty The Queen and recognises outstanding work by colleges and universities.  Marine school representatives will receive the award in early 2020 from senior members of the Royal Family at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

South Shields Marine School earned the award for a project supporting Tengizchevroil – Kazakhstan’s state oil company – develop a port and waterway on the Caspian Sea to serve the major oilfield expansion.  The school’s computer simulation capability also ensured Britain’s two new aircraft carriers could safely reach sea from their birth on the Firth of Forth in 2017.

The recent extensive news release celebrating the achievement, which can be accessed here:, also contained statements and further information from John Roach, the Marine School Principal and Dr. Lindsey Whiterod, CBE, Chief Executive of Tyne Coast College.

South Shields Marine School, whose website can be accessed here:, has supported the training of Merchant Navy mariners since 1861, took its first steps into the fledgling field of 3D modelling way back in 1998.

Other marine courses cover all aspects of the 4 departments that usually exist in one form or another on ships at sea and marine establishments ashore. Deck and Navigation; Engineering; Electro-technology; Catering.

South Shields Marine School is a centre of expertise for trainee mariners from the UK and overseas, which is why the school recently won the prestigious Educating The North Award.  Judges were impressed at how it transfers its long-nurtured skills and expertise to support other nations to train their own Merchant Navy mariners.

As well as the multi-million pound computerised Marine Simulation Centre, other facilities include a state-of-the-art Marine Engine Room and Electrical Plant and a dedicated Marine and Offshore Safety Training Centre in Wapping Street on the side of the River Tyne in South Shields, one of the UK’s major offshore training facilities.

JHL MBE SSL Co. Chairman