I am continuing with the environmentally friendly theme because lots of people and organisations seem to be promoting it and everyone is involved with it, whether we like it or not.

Environmental concerns are paramount in the marine industry for all sorts of reasons, not just the pollution of the atmosphere and so it is no surprise that articles abound about those concerns in all of the maritime journals.  As a very proud Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology, I receive a copy of their monthly publication The Marine Professional, which almost always has at least one article relating to the world environment and or the marine environment.

In a recent issue there were six very interesting articles with a Green Theme that I thought maybe we should be utilising Solar Solve’s social media connections more.  Over the second half of October we will be linking website based articles about the relevant subjects into our social media network to expand the number of people around the world who can have the opportunity to become aware of their content, clarification, concerns and solutions.

The articles range from using kites to tow vessels; unmanned electric container vessels; ferry fuel efficiency via Artificial Intelligence; world’s largest offshore windfarm (but only for a short period of time); (and this is a good one) ships emitting sulphurous gases in the Arctic can actually have a cooling effect on the surrounding environment.  Great stuff!!

If any readers are too excited to wait until the links appear in Solar Solve’s social media network they will be able to access them very easily by using the hints I have given to carry out an Internet search.