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Sun protection for port authorities and vessel traffic services (VTS) control towers

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For port authorities and vessel traffic services (VTS) control towers

Do you suffer from GLARE HEAT and REFLECTION in your control room?

If the answer is YES, you need SOLASOLV® instantly retractable sunscreens to effectively protect control panels and display screens from glare, reflection and heat.

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Our Applications

Originally developed for wheelhouse windows on marine vessels, our transparent anti-glare screens are also ideal for windows in Port Authority Control Rooms and Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) Control Towers.

Glare caused by the sun can be a dangerous distraction. A clear, unobstructed view is essential for maintaining a safe operational environment. The sun can also cause heat to build up which can make staff and operators feel uncomfortable and can even increase stress levels and cause fatigue.

SOLASOLV® anti-glare, heat rejecting roller screens are a long-lasting, cost effective solution to help eliminate problems with glare and reflection from the sun in vessel traffic control towers and port authority control towers. Our products are specified by harbour masters all over the world.

The highly specialised shade film reduces heat build-up from the sun by 65%, reducing air conditioning requirements and therefore saving energy, saving money and creating a more comfortable working environment.

Glare and reflection decrease by up to 91% to ensure a clear, unobstructed view, improve display screen readability, create a safer working environment, and reduce eye strain / fatigue for controllers.


SOLASOLV® roller sunscreens


Improved visibility and safety − glare is reduced by up to 91% to ensure clear visibility and improve the controllers vision in sunny and bright conditions. Looking through the roller screens, true colours are retained to ensure visual light signals and other objects are easily identified. Coloured signal markers are never distorted, even over a long distance. Operators can ensure the safe passage of vessels and read electronic equipment more easily, reducing the risk of accidents and collisions occurring in busy shipping lanes. All screens should be lowered for a uniform light balance.

Reduced eye strain, stress and fatigue – problems associated with glare and reflection on computer displays, radar screens and other equipment is eliminated.

A more comfortable working environment − keeps temperatures more uniform throughout the tower to ensure operators are alert and help maintain work-rate by rejecting up to 65% of the sun’s heat.

Protects exposed areas of the body − at least 98% of harmful UV light from the sun is filtered.

Save money and reduce energy – less demand is placed on air-conditioning systems so less power is consumed. Environmentally conscious companies can benefit by installing SOLASOLV® roller screens at every window to reduce running costs.ess demand is placed on air-conditioning systems so less power is consumed. Environmentally conscious companies can benefit by installing SOLASOLV® roller screens at every window to reduce running costs.

Reliable performance – proven track record for outstanding performance.

Features of installing SOLASOLV® roller sunscreens include:-

7 year guarantee – SOLASAFE® screens have a 7 year guarantee – the most comprehensive factory backed warranty programme in the industry to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Superior quality, high specification components are used to ensure all products are reliable and durable for virtually maintenance free operation. The shade film is very strong, virtually tear proof and is not affected by sub-zero cold or tropical heat and humidity.

Suitable for all types of vessel control towers and control rooms.

Fast manufacture – all products are custom made normally 1 – 2 weeks from date of order or earlier, depending on size, operation and if powder coated painting of aluminium profile is required.

Systems can be operated manually or electrically. Depending on the sizes of the shades, 24vDC, RTS controlled or 230vAC motors can be used.

Technical and installation advice service. On-site consultations are available and film samples are provided so customers can make an informed decision. Installation technicians can be deployed worldwide if required.

Quality assured company – all products are manufactured in the UK in accordance with the company’s quality management system. SOLASAFE® screens have a 7 year guarantee – the most comprehensive factory backed warranty programme in the industry to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Discreet cassette profile – neat, light-weight and unobtrusive headbox incorporating a ‘wipe clean’ brush system.

Free spare parts with every order for peace of mind.

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SOLASOLV® roller sunscreens

Around The World

We have supplied SOLASOLV® roller sunscreens to many VTS port authority control towers around the world:

Port of Antwerp – Vissingen Port – Port of Piraeus

Aberdeen Port Authority – Zeebrugge Port – Oustend Port

Peterhead Port – Port of Tyne – Port of London

Associated British Ports, Southampton – Dublin Port Authority

States of Alderney Harbour Authority – Harwich Haven Port

Associated British Ports, Hull – Medway Port Authority

States of Jersey Harbour – Dover Harbour Board

Cardiff & Barry Port Authority – Cromarty Firth Port Authority

Forth Ports – Humber Port Authority – Isle of Man Harbours

Lerwick Harbour – Port of Cork


More about SOLASOLV sunscreens for control towers and control rooms

SOLASOLV® anti-glare sunscreens for control towers are individually designed to fit the unique sloping shapes and angles of control tower windows. As these windows are often inclined to minimise the effect of reflection, it is important that the screens closely follow the glass in a parallel manner to avoid distortion of vision. Over 35 years of development enables the SOLASOLV® sunscreens to do this effectively. SOLASOLV® screens can be operated at any angle – even upside down!

Solar Solve are specialists in professional roller screen / roller blind manufacture and installation, and have specialist knowledge in the use of solar reflective materials. Solar Solve is a well-respected supplier of anti glare screens for control towers all over the world.

All control towers are individual so each tower needs it own assessment and technical solution. Wherever your control tower project may be in the world, the Solar Solve team will work with you to provide a solution that you and your controllers will be delighted with.

The specialist Anti-Glare film used in our sunblinds is made from Polyester which is actually a plastic. This is why these transparent Anti-Glare sunscreens for control towers are sometimes referred to as plastic screens, plastic window blinds, plastic sun shades or plastic sunscreens for control tower windows.

More about SOLASOLV

Sunscreens for control towers and control rooms

  • The Anti-Glare Film

    The specialist film used in our sunblinds is constructed of a five gauge multi-ply polyester film. The film is dyed to reduce glare and a highly transparent metallic coating of aluminium is applied between the polyester layers which rejects up to 67% of heat. A UV (Ultra Violet) inhibitor is embedded in the polyester film which eliminates up to 98% of harmful UV light.

    When looking through the film, colours remain true, ensuring that Visual Light Signals are easily recognised and coloured signal markers are not distorted, even at a distance.

    Although the shade film is available in four colours, only the two non-reflective colours – GREY and BRONZE – are recommended for control tower windows. (Gold and Silver are highly reflective and can cause distractions when pulled down due to their ‘mirror’ effect).

    NOTE: The shade film will require a join (seam) across the width for screens which are bigger than 1800 mm in both width and drop.

    Roller screens are only required during daylight hours and should be retracted at night.

  • The Cassette Headbox (Head rail)

    SOLASAFE® – The shade film is mounted onto a heavy-duty aluminium roller inside a high quality anodised aluminium cassette headbox (head rail). An integral brush strip runs along the length of the aluminium cassette to protect the film from dust and dirt. The film is not affected by sub-zero temperatures, tropical heat or humidity. An important factor for roller screens which are used in specialised work areas.

    SOLAROLA® non-cassette screens are also available as a cost-effective alternative.

  • Operating System

    The roller is made from heavy gauge aluminium and uses a constant tension spring to ensure the film is always taut. A control cord manually operates the screen independently from console level. This cord passes through aluminium guide pulleys so that the screen can be operated from a convenient location. A spring-loaded push button allows easy adjustment. Roller screens are also available with a side chain clutch control or electric operation.

  • Ideal for windows that slope forwards or backwards

    The windows in control towers often slope either forwards or backwards to help reduce reflection from equipment. This can make installing traditional sunblinds difficult. Solar Solve sunblinds have a number of innovative features which overcome this problem.

    Screens with constant tension spring rollers and double pulley bottom rails keep the screen in constant tension so it can be stopped anywhere and the cord will not go across the glass when the screen is retracted.

    Roller screens can be tapered (shaped) on one side or both sides. To install from the top of the window, the top of the screen must be wider than the bottom. If windows are wider at the bottom the screen must be mounted on the bottom of the window frame.

    The bottom of the roller screens are finished with a weighted anodised aluminium bottom bar. Screens can be mounted top fix, face fix or side fix. All fixings, pulleys and cleats are supplied.

    Our experienced technical support team can work from drawings supplied if required.





SOLASAFE® Anti Glare Screens

SOLAROLA® Anti Glare Screens

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