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About Us


Below Are 304 Testimonials That We Have Received From Our Customers Over The Years.

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About Us

Our Testimonials

We guarantee that every customer commendation is absolutely genuine, with original documentation held at Solar Solve’s Headquarters in South Shields, UK.

Under the GDPR rules we cannot show personal information about the people who send us the feedback, therefore we have only shared initialled names and the related country.

“Everything was Very Good. Solar Solve was specified by our customer. We have known you for several years and are satisfied with the very good service.”
Marta G, Spain

“Product, Service, Processing, Packing and Delivery were all Very Good. I chose Solar Solve because I needed blackout blinds that actually work. I worked in offshore industry for years and most floatels and offshore platforms use Solar Solve. I can’t think of any way you can improve.”
Jeff L, UK

“Everything was very good and we chose Solar Solve because of your great quality.”
Mark K, Australia

“Packing, Processing, Service and Delivery were all Very Good. We chose Solar Solve because of your very good service, quick manufacturing and fast delivery.”
V.Serge, France

“I have used your products before and they are a massive help.”
Gavin B, Cayman Islands

“Everything was Very Good. We use Solar Solve because of your Marine certifications, fast response and fast delivery.”
LK Guan, Singapore

“Everything was very good. We chose Solar Solve to add some tint and protection to our yacht windows. You gave an excellent service and product.”
Capt. Tim R, USA

“Everything was Very Good. I am most pleased with your service.”
Gunnar G., Denmark

“Everything was very good. I use Solar Solve for fast delivery and competitive pricing”
LKG, Singapore

“Everything was Very Good. I use Solar Solve because of your quality and all the technical detail available and given to procure”
Alwin D., UAE

“I chose Solar Solve because of your quality marine products and in-time delivery.”
Mohammed S., UAE

“Everything was Very Good. I chose Solar Solve because we are long time customers and your company has provided excellent services in the past.”
Tereza B., Denmar

“Everything was Very Good. The existing blinds in our VTS Control Tower had become scuffed and worn with regular use affecting the visibility. The temperature within the tower was also high, due to the large area of glass and effect of the sun. After reviewing the information on the Solar Solve website, we chose to replace all of our blinds with Gold tinted SOLASAFE cassette blinds. The blinds were delivered in a strong wooden box and in good condition. After fitting by our own maintenance team, we immediately benefited from the new blinds, not only for visibility but also in controlling the temperature of the control tower.”
Ian D, UK

“We currently have non cassette solar blinds fitted to our tug and are looking to replace them and include cassettes this time.”
Capt. Dan P, Australia

“Everything was Very Good. We already have the same blinds, so replacement sought.”
Mitch P, UK

“Solar Solve has the best sunscreen.”
LinkedIn comment from Capt. Helge M S, Norway

“Product, Service and Delivery were all Very Good. We chose Solar Solve because they offered a window blind that was easy to see through but effective at blocking direct sunlight and they were recommended by another employee during the ship’s maintenance period.”
Rachel W, Canada

“Hi Mark, we received the blinds quickly, I got round to fitting them today. They are brilliant. I am really impressed with them. Every attention to detail that’s been taken, with the packaging as well. And to supply spare parts too is brilliant. I am very happy with your service and will definitely use you again when the time comes. I’ll be sure to recommend you to others.”
Robaidh H, Scotland

“Processing, Packing and Delivery were all Very Good. Quality of Product and Service was excellent. I can’t think of any way you can improve.”
Rob W, New Zealand

“Everything was Very Good. This was a repair to a previously installed blind that the customer had damaged. You are one of the better companies I have ever worked with, so not a lot to improve on. I would just email Paul, Adam, Mark if I wasn’t sure from the info on your website.”
Steve M, UK

“We use Solar Solve because of their wide range of certified products and fast delivery. Products, processing, packing, delivery and service were all very good.”
Lam, Singapore

“I chose Solar Solve Marine because of my past experience with the supplier. Products, service, everything was all Very Good. No improvement is required.”
Geoffrey M, UK

“We are regular customers and choose Solar Solve because quality of products is very good. You don’t need to improve, your services are very good. Everything is very good.”
Stavroulakis, Cyprus

“We choose Solar Solve because of top quality products and impeccable service. Everything was Very Good. Right now I can’t think of a reason to improve.”
Silvia, Cadiz, Spain

“We found you through a web search. Your website is good, it has all the information required to identify what is available and complete a quotation request. Your enquiry response is very prompt.”
Brent A, USA

“Thanks to your service we were able to contact (Name of supplier) regarding the glass panels for the ATC. They were able to provide us a quotation for exactly what we needed. The service provided by yourself and your company has helped us to formulate what we believe to be a winning bid. For this you have our thanks and gratitude.”
RA, Middle East

“Everything was very good and you cannot improve. We use Solar Solve because of the fast delivery and response plus good pricing.”
Kok GL, Singapore

“We found out about Solar Solve because the original screens on the ship were made by you so we chose you for the replacements due to wear. You cannot improve because everything was very good.”
Auguin, France

“We found out about you because Solar Solve products were already installed on the vessel. We chose you because of the quality. Everything was very good. Keep on doing the great job”
Capt. S, Cyprus

“We chose Solar Solve because they are the best products on the market. We have a long time experience with your company. Everything was very good.”
Vadam, Greece

“Product, processing, service, packing and delivery were all very good. We chose Solar Solve because your products are on other vessels and they are a known company to members of the ship’s bridge team. Improvement is Not Applicable.”
Dave S, UK

“We were advised brand SOLAR SOLVE was preferred by end-user and specifically requested by them. Everything was very good and very happy with service. Do not see any need for improvement at this time.”
Eddi C, Italy

“I can remember conning James Clark Ross many times down in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica, peering through your company’s screens with my binoculars, scanning the horizon for Ice bergs, bergy bits etc. Both the ship and your SOLAR SOLVE blinds are great long lasting products of the Tyne!”     
A White, PCC Ice Navigator

“Products, processing, packing, delivery and service were all Very Good.  We chose Solar Solve because of your products.”
Kai Ove B., Norway

“Everything was Very Good.  We chose Solar Solve because of your service and quality.”
Colin H., UK

“Nothing was damaged or missing.   Products, processing, packing, delivery and service were all Very Good.  We chose Solar Solve because they are the best supplier of these blinds.”
Claire L., UK

“Everything was Very Good.  You were recommended by a subcontractor.”
Daniel R., Hungary

“Everything was Very Good.”
Ramesh R., Dubai

“Everything was Very Good. I knew your Brand from previous ships, the first time being on Bergesen ships in the late 1990’s.”
Marius M., Norway

“Everything was Very Good. This ship always uses Solar Solve products.  I have used Solar Solve for years in the Marine Industry.”
S Hays, UK

“Everything was Very Good. We chose Solar Solve because of a recommendation and Internet search.  It seemed like the SOLASOLV was tailor-made for our application on a survey boat with slanted and non-parallel windows.”
Scott W., USA

“Everything was Very Good. My customer specified your product and we have used you previously.  You cannot improve, just keep doing what you are doing.”
Alan S., Australia

“Everything was Very Good. We use you because of your fast response with good technical support.”
K G Lam, Singapore

“Everything was Good. We chose you because your product is very special.”
Leeju MN., UAE

“Everything was Very Good. We found you via Google.”
G. Thomas, UK

“Everything was Very Good. We chose you from the makers identification labels on the other screens we have installed on the bridge windows, and the Internet.”
Geir S., Norway

“Everything was Very Good. I have used Solar Solve screens on other vessels.  They are very good and easy to install.”
Capt. BAG Muers, Netherlands

“Everything was Very Good. I chose Solar Solve because of price and quick response. No need to improve, all good.”
J Beckett, Canada

“Everything was Very Good. We chose Solar Solve because we needed roller sunscreens that were Type Approved and they were recommended by another vessel operator. No need to improve, we are happy with the service provided.
Bulgu, Australia

“Everything was Good. We chose Solar Solve because of the technical assistance and they best suit our ship as specified in the technical documentation for our ships.”
Pedro G., Spain

Everything was Very Good. We chose Solar Solve because you are an MOD named supplier.  No improvement necessary, you are always fast with quote and supply.”
C Levick., UK 

“Everything was explained perfectly, I didn’t need any further information”
Giula,  Italy

“Your badges are all over this ship, so you will not be forgotten in case of future requirements.”
John T,  UK

“As we ordered for 2 vessels last time, we are good with the procurement of the window blinds.  We have placed an order for 2 more vessels after the holidays.”
J-D M, Canada

“Everything was Very Good.  You always give a good service and fast response time and you were stated by MOD.”

“Product, Service, Delivery, everything was Very Good.  You were specified for control tower on airbase project.”
P.  Kuwait

“Everything was Very Good.  We chose Solar Solve for their professional product and always go directly to their Internet site because we don’t think they can improve.”
SIG, Switzerland

“Everything was Very Good.  We chose Solar Solve because you are one of the leader for those kind of products.  Don’t need to improve, everything was OK.”
Igor R, Croatia

“Everything was Very Good.  We chose Solar Solve because of your fast respond and delivery and good technical support.”
K G Lam,   Singapore

“Everything was Very Good.  We chose Solar Solve because of customer specification and request.”
Aaron A,  USA

“Everything was Very Good.  We chose Solar Solve because of previous professional contact with your company. You cannot improve, “What can I say, perfect is perfect.”
Kjell ES, Norway

“I have seen your products in some of the most remote places.  Great products and save my eyes big time!!”
Craig C,  UK  

“So we like to thank you all for great (even better than that) service this year and wish you all a fantastic 2021!!!”
Ronald S, Rotterdam

“Everything was VERY GOOD.  We chose Solar Solve because our customer requested your brand.”
Aaron A,  USA

“Good quality product, great customer service and fast response to enquiries and orders.”
Andrew F,  UK

“You were also really fast on your quotation which is greatly appreciated.”
Andre D,  Canada

“Product, packaging, processing, delivery and service were all very good and we chose Solar Solve because of the fast delivery with good pricing.”
Lam KG,  Singapore

“We chose Solar Solve as a direct replacement for existing blinds. All was Very Good, with no improvement needed.”
Brenda M,  UK

“We have dealt with you for years and have been telling our customers about your products for 25 years.  Everything was very good.  Seriously you couldn’t improve, every aspect of your company works very well.”
Samantha P,  UK

“Everything was Very Good.  We chose Solar Solve because you were recommended for your quality.”
Marijan C,  Croatia

“Product, Processing, Packing, Delivery and overall Service were all Very Good.  Solar Solve were responsive and provided a good offer.  Replacement of broken part was seamless and without quibble – a real pleasure to work with professionals who have pride in their product and customer service!  Could not fault the whole experience.”
Colin C,  UK

“The new screens were to replace SOLASAFE screens that had been installed over 10 years ago.  Everything was Very Good!”
Paul W, Spain

“Everything was Very Good.  I chose Solar Solve because it is difficult to find a better product in the market.”
Eric F,  UK

“Everything was very good.  We chose Solar Solve because of your service and professionalism.”
Khalid A,  Morocco

“Your product is excellent.”
JR Lima,  Brazil

“Everything was very good and we chose Solar Solve for the quality of the product and the excellent feedback from the customers.”
Cedric B, Switzerland

“We like your product and always try to get vessel owners to install them.”
Bryce C, NZ

“All was Very Good.  We chose Solar Solve because of existing equipment already installed.”
Matt R.  Australia

“Sunscreens on board our vessels are in use and in good condition.  We will not hesitate to contact you when we receive enquiries”
Loretta V, Italy

“Everything was Very Good, including the vision and the mechanism works easy.  We chose Solar Solve because of your reputation and you are on the Internet.”
Xiberras,  Mayotte

“Order processing, service and delivery were all Very Good.  I chose SOLASOLV because I have used them on previous vessels.”
Iain M, USA

“We chose Solar Solve to replace old units. Everything was very good.”
Andreu M, Spain

“Everything was Very Good.  We chose Solar Solve because it looked like professional kit and customer service was good at every stage, even though only a small order for a pleasure barge.”
Keith P.,  UK

“Your product, processing and delivery were all Very Good.  We chose Solar Solve to replace the existing products that are the same brand.”
FJ,  Sweden

“Thank you Carl for your help, which is always perfect!”
FB,  Belgium

“We chose Solar Solve because of the good price and good delivery time.  No improvement is needed, everything was good.”
Christos K,  Cyprus

“Everything was Very Good.  I have sailed on ships with them in the past and the product does exactly what you want it to.”
Dale C, UK Harbour

“You have a great product and we will be back in touch the next time.”
AN,  Canada

“Perfect.  Wish we got this service from all our suppliers! Thanks.”
Jane M,  UK

“We have been impressed with our previous experiences with Solar Solve and will be back in touch towards the end of the year to finalise the spec and price for this order.”
Lee H,  USA

“We found your company via the Internet and your products, service, delivery, everything, was very good.”
Peter G,  UK

“Everything relating to our order was very good.  We chose Solar Solve because we have used you previously with satisfaction. You are already known to us and have always carried out a first class job.”
Ian C,  UK 

“You were recommended by another captain who ordered from you for a sister vessel.”
Capt. Jonathon B,  Canada

“Order Processing, Product, Packing and Service were all Very Good.  I chose Solar Solve because I had seen them in use.”
Susan O’ D,  UK

“Everything was Very Good.  Our government client requested that we use Solar Solve and I think everything that you are doing is working well.”
Daniel R,  USA

“Everything was Very Good.  Solar Solve products were required by our coast guard client.”
Pierre-E M,  Canada

“I found your website very easy to use and to view your products.  I was told about your company as another company ship has used you before.”
Aaron M,  UK

“We enjoyed cooperation and communication very much. Most important, the crew is happy with the window blinds, so good job!”
Sylvia,  Nederlands   

“Product, Packing, Delivery and Service were all Very Good.  I chose Solar Solve because we already have SOLASAFE screens installed on the ship, so knew it was a good product.”
Stuart E,  Denmark

“Everything was Very Good.  I don’t know how you could improve, you are perfect.”
Peter J,   Germany

“All Very Good.  Replacements for same style of blinds that were over 25 years old and damaged.  All worked OK, so nothing to improve.”
Stephen M,   UK

“I am looking for a good solar blind and saw your brand on a vessel I recently travelled / worked on and thought it was excellent.  I would like to purchase a blind for my home.”
Barry W,   NZ

“We have Solasolv anti glare roller screens on board our vessel, installed for 10 years & still in good condition.”
Mick E,  UK

“Great service and the blind looks great.”
Neil D,  UK

“Everything was VERY GOOD. The vessel specified Solar Solve but we would always quote Solar Solve over anyone else.  After 30 years of trading I seriously think that Solar Solve cannot improve.”
Samantha P,  UK

“There was nothing missing and your service was very good.”
Rolf H H,   Norway

“Product, Processing, Packing, Service and Delivery were ALL VERY GOOD.  I chose Solar Solve because of their Quality and Service.”
Ruth G,   Spain

“Everything about the order was VERY GOOD.  I chose Solar Solve because of fast delivery, wide range of product price and competitive pricing.  I cannot think of anything you could do to improve.”
Lam K G,  Singapore

“Everything was good.  We chose Solar Solve because they are SOLAS approved and with good feedback from colleagues and internet users.”
JP,  Netherlands.

“We are glad to be working with such an informative company as yours and we will be in contact with you guys as soon as we receive the funding.” 
Jackie T. USN NATO.

“Products, Packaging, Processing, Service, were all Very Good.”
Gary J, US Craneworks.

“Your products are class approved and your website is clear and complete.”
Carlo C. Italy.

“Your order processing, products, packing and service were all Very Good.”
Alfredo C.  Spain.

“Your website is amazing.”
Ali A. Kuwait.

“One year and a half ago we ordered 3 SOLAROLA sunscreens for one of our passenger ships and we are really pleased with the results against the heat.  We want a quote for the same sunscreens to install on 2 other boats that we have.”
N B. France.

“Everything was very good.  You supply a marine certified product at a competitive price.”
LK Guan, Singapore.

“Just to let you know we have received and refitted the refurbished blinds today, everything looks perfect.  I would like to thank you for your assistance, you run a very professional service.  Hoping to do business with you again.”
M O’Regan  Sky.

“Solar Solve are well known in the industry and manufacture a very good if not the best product.  There is no improvement to be made to the product or service.  The shades arrived in wooden crates and in good condition. There was no missing parts and the instructions were easy to follow.  Excellent product and service.  Again, thank you for your service and outstanding product.”
John C N,  S Tankers USA.

“Everything was very good.  I do not think you could improve.”
T Marine, UK.

“We chose Solar Solve because of the quality of product and good service provided and everything was very good.”
Silvia M. Cadiz, Spain.

“Your product, services, everything was excellent.  We chose SOLASOLV because you had the perfect solution to our problem.  I do not think you could improve.  Everything was excellent, from the first enquiry to the final delivery.”
Bert W, UK.

“Adam, you guys are legends and you can be certain that we will be passing on to others just how good your after sales service is and your products are.”
Tug Captain, Australia
This very nice email was received from the Tug Captain after he contacted us for a quote for spares to replace parts that had worn.  They were SOLASOLV products and so we offered to supply them free of charge, including carriage, which the Captain readily accepted.

“Excellent.  Great service yet again.”
Don, UK

“Wow, that was quick.  Thanks for the quick turnaround on this order.”
J B, Australia

“Everything was very good. Many thanks to Carl, Adam and Mark for all their help with the order.  I was very impressed.  All items were installed on the vessel and the customer was very pleased.”

“A very good product, processing and service. Just keep up the level, which is not always easy.  Chose Solar Solve because of Price/Quality relation.”
Jamie M, Spain

“Blinds were installed yesterday and the difference is very noticeable.”
Cpl Mc.C, CanadianCG

“Your products are previously installed on our naval patrol vessels and everything was good with this order.  You should promote the fact that you supply free spare parts more.”

“Our customer specified Solar Solve and everything was very good.”
Kathrin H, Germany

“Everything was Very Good.”
 AMB, Spain

“Hello Carl.  I’m sending you this email to let you know I really like the sunscreen (in my crane cab), it works great, so thanks for your help and I will pass along your Co. name to anyone else looking for the same thing.”
Gary,  USA

“Dear Adam, thank you very much, your response always have just very fast!!  Really a very good service.”
Horacio, Uruguay

“Everything was Very Good.  We have been dealing with Solar Solve for more than 20 years and we choose you if customers request SOLASOLV or we would recommend you as we feel your product is superior to the competition.  I seriously don’t think you could improve.”
Samantha,  UK

“I am looking to get a quote for US Naval Ships.  I know that you have done a number of ships of the same class.  We are looking to buy one screen at a time.”
JB, US navy.mil

“Thanks for you quotation.  I look forward to working with you again!  The shades I already ordered are working great.  Thank you.”
NA, US navy.mil     

“Everything was very good.  I have been completely impressed with all dealings with SOLAR SOLVE – keep doing what you are doing.”
RJ,  Marine Construction, Australia   

“Thanks very much for the update.  I’m impressed with the speed of production of this order.”
GM, Scotland

“Everything was very good. There is nothing you can do to improve.”
JH, Newhaven, UK

“We received the recommendation from our office in Berlin.  They seem to know your product.  Your website is very simple and totally user friendly.”
MQ, Saudi Arabia

“Everything was very good.  Blinds are installed and working great.  Very satisfied with the fit and finish. We’ve received nothing but praise from our barge operators with regards to them.  In future your company will definitely be our first choice when it comes to window blinds.”
RD, Canada

“Thanks Carl, that’s great service.”
IW,  Australia

“Everything was very good and we chose Solar Solve because we have used them in the past and always found good quality and service.”
JW, Merseyside, UK

“It has been a pleasure working with your company and I am very pleased with the service you have been providing us”.
Engineer KNM Skjold

 “We have sunblinds onboard our vessels. They fulfil their purpose very well, which is to shield the radar display screens from direct sunlight. They are also extremely effective in keeping the bridge cooler and allowing officers to look out into direct sunlight and view other ships. They are a great benefit to the bridge team.”
Captain, Millennium Explorer

“Thank you for your very prompt response to my message. Your attention to this matter is very much appreciated. In this day and age its very refreshing to have dealings with a firm who operate so directly and without hesitation. All on board are most impressed with your service level.”

 “Thank you for being associated with us and for ensuring proper and timely supplies. We look forward to a good business relation with your esteemed firm”.
BH, India

“Did I tell you that your sunscreens get rave reviews from the Captain, myself and the crew in general? Well they do and I’ll spread the word around!”
Tim, USNS Grumman

 “You did it again; you have made our client very happy!!! The tug boat Fair Play 29 is on its way..”.
RS, Holland

“Thank you for your great support and we look forward to continuing our good business relationship”.
RT, Japan

“Most of Korean shipyards informed me that your products are good quality and good technically”.
S. T. Kang Busan Korea

  “The roller screens arrived in perfect condition on board ‘SOLITAIRE’. We installed them instantly and now we can not work without them”.
Chief Mate, Solitaire, Allseas

 “We are now in a position to consider the purchase of further blinds—the previous items purchased at the end of 2007 have been a total success…”.

“All very good marine certified product and fast delivery date
LKG, Singapore

“Everything was very good.  Your staff were very helpful and easy to deal with and I will use you again when customers require blinds.”
SD, Scotland

“We choose Solar Solve because we like them and they are all very good.”
A Conde, Portugal

“That’s awesome… Thank you so much.”
AS  (29 SOLASAFE screens ordered, made and despatched on Friday 22 July for arrival in USA Monday 25 July)

“The sample size and time scale is perfect Thank you for coming through with the goods yet again.”
MM, Suffolk, UK

“Thank you for the quick response and for the understanding in this matter; we appreciate that you are very service minded.”
FL, Staff Captain

 “Thanks for your recent assistance with the Ports job.  I am  happy  to report  the replacement  screens  are perfect.”

“Everything was Very Good.  We use Solar Solve because they are fast and efficient.”
JW, Birkenhead, UK

“The product and everything else was very good, keep up the good service.”
AT,  Italy

“Our client is so satisfied with your blinds and looks forward to cooperating for the further projects.”
WL, China

“I’m sure that SOLASOLV will be specified (for the new craft) after the excellent service we had from you last time.”

“Some of our dredgers have had your screens on since 1997, now we want some new ones.”

“Thank you for the update. The blinds arrived and the robust packaging  was  still  secure.  Many thanks for the prompt attention to our order.”
TD, Cheshire, UK

“Business associates have used your products and were very satisfied so I decided to give the brand a try and as of right now, everything is swell.”
ET, USNS Joshua Humphreys

“Many thanks for your good service.  If we get a new requirement for sunscreens we will find it with your good company.”
CCH, Taiwan

“You guys are the speed of light.”

“Everything was Good and we used Solar Solve because of their Quality and Professionalism.”
J, Muscat, Oman

“Everything was Very Good. We chose Solar Solve on customer recommendation. Could not improve service.”
JM, Aberdeen

“We do have Solar Solve on our vessels and they are working very well.”
AV, Technical Fleet Coordinator, Genoa

“Many thanks for the very quick Quotation. Your help has been appreciated.”
BH,  Canada

“My cabin on an RFA vessel is fitted with blinds from your company and I find them very effective.  I would like a price for some for my house in Orkney.”
JE, Scotland

 “I appreciate the urgent help you are rendering. Thank you.”
MH, Singapore

“My customer was delighted with the recent order for screens that you sent down to Hull.”
SB at Seawork UK Exhibition

“Honestly, No, you could not improve your service.  The communication with Carl Johnson was particularly efficient. I did really appreciate that! Five stars…”
LD,   Chief Officer

“Everything was Very Good, we’ve used your blinds before and always found them to be a very good product.”

“Everything was Good.  We use Solar Solve because they have a good reputation on the market.”
LSK, Hong Kong

“I would like to thank you for your first quality material, all this time being supplied for all our ships.”
DS, Spain

“I am needing 3 more blinds for this boat, the other blinds we received are perfect.”
CM – Site Manager—Scotland

“Thanks for your quick arrangements and dispatch.”
RK, Marine Equipment Supplier, U.A.E

“An excellent company with a fantastic product and great customer service.”
Mr and Mrs Y, Cleadon, UK

“You are dedicated and fantastic!”
JH,  Singapore

“The order for sunscreens I placed earlier this year were delivered quickly and installed without problems and the guys loved the protection they gave.  Unfortunately it was only budget restrictions that prevented me from ordering more roller screens for the side windows.”
ML, Williams Shipping

“Solar Solve is a successful company in a very successful niche and one that we are proud to be affiliated with.”
JH, Virginia, USA

“Thank You for the fast service making up my Solarola blind order.  The fitting instructions were clear, precise and easy to follow, the cotton gloves were a nice touch.”
PP, County Durham, UK

“End user is very much satisfied with your products.  Thanks a lot for your help.”
FL,  Hong Kong

“Thank you so much for your donation of the pushbutton locks for our SOLASAFE screens (purchased in 2003) and the prompt reply — it does make a change these days for such promptness.”
AS, Deputy Station Manager, UK National Coastwatch Institution

“Everything was very good. Solar Solve had exactly what we needed and nothing could be improved.”
RS, USNS Kanawha

“Everything was Very Good. We choose Solar Solve because of OE equipment supply.”
LG, Scarborough, UK

“Thanks for the urgent attention to my little problem. Again great to deal with such a professional company—Great service on all accounts.”
LP,  Australia

“Please find attached Confirmation note.  Your lads did a great job, worked safely and timely.  We much appreciate their efforts.  Thank you once again.”
SHB, Technical Writer & RFA LSD(A) Quality Assurance

“Thanks a LOT, really appreciated…”
ID,  Croatia

“Everything was Very Good. We chose Solar Solve as company is already known to us and supplied materials required.”
AW, Dorset, UK

 “Everything was VERY GOOD…… you could not really improve your service.”
KM, Australia

“You have been very helpful with the supports that you have given to us.”
LWC, Singapore

“Excellent product, excellent service.”

“Everything was Very Good.  Every aspect of my transactions were not only very efficient but processed with a feeling of personal service.”
GS, Suffolk, UK

“I sailed with SOLASAFE screens on previous ships. They have a very good reputation and quality product.” 
Anon. V Ships UK

“I know how good your blinds are as this is the third vessel I have fitted them to.” 
PT,  Deepwater Navigator

“I returned back on board to find that your product had already been delivered to the vessel. ..No damage; Well packaged; If product lasts as long as previous screens (still in use) then rated Very Good; Service and Delivery are both rated as Exceptional.”
CCR,  Bluewater H

“That is excellent, thank you for the quick response, you really are pulling out the stops for us on this one and it is appreciated, I can tell you..”   
Mike,  UK

“The order we placed worked just perfectly fine.  If the ship requires more sunscreens we will order them from you.” 

“Hi, we have SOLAROLA blinds on our tug and they work great.” 
RH, Western Australia.

“Firstly, I would like to thank you for all the patience you demonstrated while dealing with my numerous emails… secondly, “I would just like to update you on the blinds you supplied…  My esteemed drilling colleagues are now much happier!! Thanks again gents, your assistance has made quite a bit of difference to us.” 
JB, chief mechanic, at sea

“Everything was VERY GOOD.’”
FS,  Australia.

“We receive Your confirmation.  Thank You for the prompt attention reserved to our order.”
AT,  La Spezia-Italy

“Thanks so much for your support and kind assistance in helping us to secure this project.”
HT, Singapore

“Thank you very much for you fast reply.”
GT – Marketing Dir. Romania

“Thank you very much for the prompt reply”.
MR, Buyer, Aberdeen

“We needed anti glare screens on my vessel due to the extreme bright prolonged daylight in Canada’s arctic and your service was very good.”
AN, Canadian ship outfitters.

“Hi Nikki, we manufactured the screen today and dispatched it by UPS.”… “WOW I was not expecting it so quickly. That is incredible. Thank you so much.“
NF, Interior Outfitter, USA

Any areas where we could Improve?   “You already provide excellent service.”  Reason for choosing Solar solve? “Best Quality.  Excellent Product and Service.”
Windarra, Australia

“Order has been received on time, all good.  Many thanks to the team for the usual excellent service.”
Capt. RD,  Australia

“I saw the SOLASOLV screens on the Windstar and they are perfect for keeping the glare out, great vision out and adding some privacy.”

“We chose Solar Solve because you are a local supplier and very reliable. Everything about the order we received was Very Good.” 

“I want to thank Solar Solve for your assistance and to compliment you for a really good product in terms of material, service and back up, even packaging.  We were very satisfied overall and should the chance present itself, we will definitely be returning customers.”
PP, Greece

“We chose Solar Solve because of good relationship with Purchasing department and very quick answer for any questions with enough good information.” 
KA, Gdansk, Poland.

SM, Saudi Arabia.

“Thank you again for your help. I’m looking forward to having more business with you in the future.”
TB, California, USA.  

“We chose Solar Solve because we have already products on other vessels and the quality of the product is really good.  Everything about the order we received was very good.”
AG, Germany.

“We chose Solar Solve because of Quality of product and flexibility to produce bespoke to suit our requirements.  Everything about the order we received was Very Good.”
DH, UK Boatbuilder

“Thanks very much for your excellent service.” 
DA, Inverness

“Thank you for your quick action and support.”
RR, Qatar

“We chose Solar Solve because of your excellent product and excellent delivery.  Everything about the order we received was Very Good.” 
JF, US Shipbuilder

“I choose Solar Solve because of your excellent services and delivery”.
JW, Birkenhead UK

“I chose Solar Solve Marine because of the first impression of professional approach to customer.  Your products, processing, packing, service and delivery were all Very Good”. 
LH,  Monaco

“We are looking to get a quote for your product to be installed on our vessel. Your shades are currently installed on some of our other vessels and we like your product.  The vessel is a U.S. Army LSV.” (Logistics Support Vessel) 
JM, Chief Engineer, US Army

“Thank you for your tireless effort to support us. I have checked your quotation and it all looks good. Please start production as soon as possible”.
YNS, Norway

“I think what you do is very good; we have never had a problem with your company at all.”

“Just a note to say thank you. The blind fitted perfectly and all the watch keepers that have so far seen and used it are most impressed.”
Allan, Lee on Solent

“It is always a pleasure to us experiencing the high quality of products and friendly service even at a higher level. That became very rare in today’s business.”
RS,  Rotterdam

“You guys are awesome, if everyone was like Solar Solve then I wouldn’t have any problems.” 
DB, UK Engineering Company

“This  is  the third  delivery of  screens to  this vessel.  The captain called and was very happy with the previous deliveries.” 
AEL, Norway

“We have a lot of SOLASAFE products on our bridge, which are very effective and work very well!” 
MF,  Norway

“I know your product well, it is great.” 

“Your service is excellent, you always respond immediately to quote requests and can dispatch quickly.” 

“Your level of service was fantastic.” 
CE, Hovercraft Designer, Isle of Wight

“Some years ago we fitted our bridge out with your blinds and window film.   We  have been  extremely satisfied with these products. We now want to fit out the crane cab windows.”  
CSS, Seven Pelican

“I am very happy that we have such a luck with you as a solid supplier for our project.” 
GKL, Bremen, Germany

“Thanks! What a great turnaround! “

“Thank you for the great service you provide.” 
RKD, Queensland, Australia

“We are great fans of Solar Solve and have placed some orders.” 
APA, K Shenoy, Satheesh Kotian

“Very happy with your products and service.” 

“I know the SOLASOLV product and have placed orders for several of my ships.” 

“Firstly, many thanks for your quick quote, excellent.”
FL, Germany

“Thank you so much for excellent service.” 

“Let me acknowledge that the staff of your company have been extra nice to us for execution of this contract.  We will always cherish it. “
Col (Retd) HN, Pakistan

“We think your blinds are brilliant.” 
KB –  Leicestershire, UK

“Thanks again for excellent and speedy service.” 
Norwegian Distributor

“Thank you for your excellent support.  It’s a pleasure to work with a good company.” 
NW, SQ Europe

“It’s  great  that  you guys  have  such  a  fast turnaround time.  Much appreciated.”
DA, Second Officer, IT Intrepid

“Great service as always.” 

“This is a very good product.” 
RAP, Chief Officer, Bow Firda

“WOW! …….that’s quick.  Thank you so much for your help Carl, you have been fantastic.” 
KB, Sales Support, Australia.

“I  am  absolutely  delighted  with  the exceptional service I have received from your staff regarding speed of response to my enquiries and my requests for quotations.” 
Cdr VJ Retd, NTI Mumbai India

“Thanks again for your excellent support” 
MD, Regional Manager, Australia

“All blinds are now installed on our vessel with no issues.  Please  pass  on  my  thanks  to  your employees.” 
AR, Helix Well-Ops

“I love your newsletter. Your Company has kept something lost elsewhere: a real human fraternity.” 
TDF, Equimer Folliard

“Thanks for the speedy reply and the quick service.  It’s great to deal with a company that has a great service ethic.  Very important in our game when speed is of the essence.”
Capt. MD, MY Solemar

“This email is to inform you that we received the screens in good order and would like to thank you for your  quick,  very  efficient  and  excellent service.” 
FJ, Begium

“Thanks for the very fast service.” 
RS, Temaro BV, Rotterdam

“SOLASOLV screens are so effective, especially in Singapore.  It can be so hot here that they are essential.” 

“Outstanding! I appreciate your assistance.”     
Capt. DCG, Master, USNS Joshua Humphreys.

“Thanks  very  much  for  your  prompt action.  First Class.” 
PB CIS, Quality Engineer, UK

“Love the shades, they get used a bunch.  I need to order ones for our 2 other boats in a month or so.”  
AB, Pilot, Long Beach, California 

“We have a very high chance of winning this  order as the  shipowner  prefers Solar Solve Marine screens to the cheaper makes that are available.” 
WL, HME Singapore

“Thanks. We really appreciate it.”
Dean – U.S. Coast Guard (for FREE airmailed replacement brackets they mislaid during a refit.)

“We send our sincere thanks to the team at Solar Solve for pulling this off at such short notice.  Brilliant achievement and we are most grateful.”

“Solar Solve’s service was brilliant and the product was excellent.” 
CE, Isle of Wight

“We place repeat orders because we are pleased with your products and size range and they are easy to fit.”
JC, Master, Danish shipowner.

“We are very glad with our purchase.  Everything has been correct; information, order, suggestions and shipment. Thank you very much.” 
RG, A Coruña, Spain

“Carl, you’re a superstar!!!  Thank you very much.” 
EA, Scottish shipyard.

“The vessel received the chain and it was much appreciated.  Thank you for your effort and excellent service.”
JG, Master, KARAN

“Thank you so much for your quick reply…… wanted to drop you a quick email to say thanks for all your help and that we are very happy with the blinds.”
HMP, Highlands and Islands Firefighter.

“Products and service were very good. We were looking for an anti-glare solution that would allow safer navigation up sun, we researched a few products and companies – Solar Solve were the best.  Not the cheapest – the best.”

“Everything was very good. Thank you for your excellent sales support.”
SL, Hong Kong

“The blinds we fitted on the vessel turned out looking very good. Thank you.”

“They are happy with the product..”

“.. the guys have been happy with the product here and are well-pleased with the end results.  Steve McNair was happy with his order for his cranes also.”

“We are happy with your product and it has been holding up well.”

“The fishing boat that had the blinds installed on are over the moon with the blinds, they do a fantastic job.”
JL, New Zealand

“Everything was satisfactory, no complaints. I purchased the materials myself and can say from a procurement standpoint the purchase went very smoothly thanks to excellent customer service provided by your company.”
AP, USA Shipyard

“Your product is so good that I had to put it into my new boats.”
Workboat Manager, New Zealand

“You were recommended by our client and your products, service and delivery were all very good.”
MM, Italy

“I found you through online research and your website is fabulous.”

“Thanks for your help with this much appreciated.  Pleasure doing business with you.”

“Everything was packed and processed very well.  Your products, service and delivery were all very good.  We found you on the Internet and chose you because of quality and price of the products”
SM, Spain

“We have been a long time using Solar Solve products and chose them because of quality, fast response and good support on all queries. Everything was very good.”

“We chose Solar Solve via an Internet search because we wanted to reduce vessel bridge glare and heat.  Products, processing, service and delivery were all very good.  Everything was better than expected.”

“We chose Solar Solve because their sunblinds are approved by class societies.  Everything was very good, with an excellent delivery service.”
RD, Canada

“Solar Solve were requested by client as the product had been used on previous vessels.  Everything was very good.”
SP, New Zealand

“Thanks a lot, I appreciate your fast response on this one, that’s great.  We received the samples you sent over, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the sample blind.  I must say it is the best sample I have ever received and the customer was also impressed.”

“It was all good.  We chose you because your solasolv sunscreens are already used on our vessels and they are recognised quality products.”
KW, Ireland

“We like to thank you all for the very good and kind cooperation last year and look forward to continue in 2018.  Special thanks for the effort.  Met vriendelijke groet, with kind regards.”
RS, B.V. TEMARO, Rotterdam (25 years a Solar Solve Marine Distributor)



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