Taisei Maru ship photo


Solar Solve Marine continues to be a successful supplier to the US Navy and other governments around the world. The South Shields based manufacturer of the marine industry’s brand leading SOLASAFE roller sunscreens recently dispatched a set of screens to a shipyard in the USA for the Millinocket. It is the third Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV) in a series of 8, option 1, for Military Sealift Command (MSC), which is a United States Navy organisation that controls approximately 110 of the non-combatant, U.S. merchant mariner-crewed military transport and replenishment ships of the US Navy.

The roller sunshades are to be installed at the navigation bridge windows to improve the crew’s working conditions, in particular to help prevent discomfort and distractions from the sun’s glare, thus creating a safer environment. They will also reject over 60% of the heat that would otherwise be transmitted through the glass, significantly increasing the benefits experienced by the personnel as well as helping with cost and environmental issues due to a reduced air conditioning power requirement, when they are in use.

SOLASAFE screens were also supplied to the first 2 JHSV’s, Spearhead and Choctaw County. Intended to provide transportation in shallow-draft waterways and ports, a JHSV is capable of transporting 600 short tons at least 1,200 nautical miles at an average speed of 35 knots. The ships also feature a flight deck designed to support helicopter operations and a fast-rescue boat mounted amidships on the port side. They also have airline-style seating for 312 embarked forces, with fixed berthing for 104.

John Lightfoot, MBE, Solar Solve’s chairman commented, “It is not unusual for Solar Solve to win orders to supply Marine and Aviation, Military and Government, vessels and other establishments with our products. In the recent past we have manufactured Anti-glare roller sunscreens for the control tower windows of an Allied Air base in Kuwait and we have also supplied 3 shipsets of our SOLASAFE anti-glare roller screens to 3 new Japanese patrol vessels MIZUKI, IWAMI and REBUN, all delivered during 2013. We also sent 10 SOLASAFE bronze film roller screens to Japan that were installed on the government Training Vessel TAISEI MARU.”

He concluded, “Military work is always so rewarding for our company. The products requested need to be the best, for the benefit of the end-users who very often put their lives at risk when performing their duties. We only supply the best of everything, including our service. Just as the people they protect depend on the quality and effectiveness of the military personnel involved; so do the military depend on Solar Solve, its products and its people.”
Top Image – The Japanese government Training Vessel TAISEI MARU has 10 of Solar Solve Marine’s SOLASAFE roller sunscreens installed at the Navigation Bridge windows to improve solar protection for the crew and trainees.

Below Image – USNS Spearhead was the first Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV) to have Solar Solve Marine’s SOLASAFE roller sunscreens installed at the Navigation Bridge windows; to improve working conditions for personnel as well contribute towards cost and environmental issues.