Photo - SOLASOLV in air traffic control tower


Sunglasses for Towers®

Glare caused by the sun can be a dangerous distraction in airport air traffic control towers. A clear, unobstructed view outside is essential for maintaining a safe operational environment.

The sun can also cause heat to build up which can make staff feel uncomfortable and can even increase stress levels and cause fatigue.

A long-lasting, cost effective solution to help eliminate these problems with glare and reflection from the sun in airport air traffic control towers is to install transparent SOLASOLV® anti-glare, heat rejecting roller screens.

The highly specialised shade film reduces heat build-up from the sun by 67%, reducing air conditioning requirements and therefore saving energy, saving money and creating a more comfortable working environment.

Glare and reflection decrease by up to 91% to ensure a clear, unobstructed view of the airfield, improve display screen readability, create a safer working environment, and reduce eye strain / fatigue for air traffic controllers.

We have supplied and installed electrically controlled and manually operated SOLASOLV Aviation System Sunscreens and Shades in civil and military Airport  Air Traffic Control Towers worldwide including:-

Manchester – Aberdeen – Gatwick – Swansea – Durham Tees Valley

Coningsby – Linton-on-Ouse – Mildenhall – Yeovilton – Humberside

Bournemouth – Al Udeid Airbase – Al Dhafra Airbase

Peace Vector VI Airbase – Camp Bastion Airbase

Bagram and Kabul (Afghanistan) – Kano (Nigeria)

SOLASOLV® Airport Air Traffic Control Tower Sunscreens at Humberside Airport

SOLASOLV® Aviation System Sunscreens in action at Bournemouth Airport

Benefits of SOLASOLV® Aviation System sunscreens include:-

Improved visibility and safety − glare is reduced by up to 91% to ensure clear visibility and improve the controllers vision of both air and ground traffic and runway activity. True colour rendition is maintained so navigation lights, tail markings and other objects can be easily identified. All the shades should be lowered for a uniform light balance.

Reduced eye strain, stress and fatigue − the problems associated with glare and reflection caused by the sun on radar screens, displays and other equipment is eliminated.

A comfortable working environment − keeps temperatures more uniform throughout the tower to ensure operators are alert and help maintain work-rate by rejecting up to 87% of the sun’s heat.

Instantly retractable − unlike tinted glass or adhesive window film they can be retracted at night when not required, or easily raised in an emergency.

Protects exposed areas of the body − at least 97% of harmful UV light from the sun is filtered.

Save money and reduce energy – less demand is placed on air-conditioning systems which in turn consume less power. Environmentally conscious air traffic operators can benefit if screens are installed at every window.

Features of SOLASOLV® Aviation System sunscreens include:-

Superior quality, high specification components are used to ensure all products are reliable and durable for virtually maintenance free operation. The shade film, often referred to in the aviation industry as ‘Mylar Film’ or ‘Plastic Film’, is very strong, virtually tear proof and is not affected by sub-zero cold or tropical heat and humidity.

Suitable for commercial and military control towers.

Fast manufacture – normally 1 – 2 weeks from date of order or earlier, depending on size, operation and if powder coated painting of aluminium profile is required.

A technical and installation advice service. On-site consultations are available and film samples are provided so customers can make an informed decision. Installation technicians can be deployed worldwide if required.

Systems can be operated manually or electrically. Depending on the sizes of the shades, 24vDC, RTS controlled or 230vAC motors can be used.

Other applications...

SOLASOLV® Anti-glare, heat rejecting transparent roller sun blinds, sun screens and ROLASOLV® Blackout roller blinds are also ideal for other commercial and industrial use where professionals must face harsh blinding sunlight during their working day or where total blackout conditions are required. Here are just a few of the many other uses:-