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Sun protection for toll booths, gate houses and observation room windows

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For toll booths, gate houses and observation room windows

SOLASOLV® transparent sun blinds and sun screens can help to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment for personnel working in toll booths, gate houses and observation rooms by improving visibility and performance, and reducing fatigue.

They are simple to retrofit, effective, reliable and easy to use. Each sun blind / screen is individually manufactured to meet the customer’s exact dimensions and specifications.

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Our Applications

Sun glare and reflection is reduced by up to 93% to ensure a clear, unobstructed view outside, and up to 87% of the sun’s heat is rejected, helping to maintain a more comfortable temperature inside the room.

The SOLASAFE® sun blind / screen is transparent and housed inside an anodised aluminium cassette headbox with integral brush strip to protect the shade film from dust and dirt. The SOLAROLA® sun blind / screen is the same efficient product but without the protective cassette – it can be installed as an equally effective solution in situations where lack of space is a problem.

All fixings, pulleys and cleats are supplied with each order, together with free spare parts for peace of mind.



Anti-Glare Transparent Sunscreens

SOLASOLV® shade film is available in four colours – GOLD and SILVER Reflective, and GREY and BRONZE Non-reflective. The specialist film is constructed using polyester layers. The film is dyed to reduce glare and the layer of aluminium laminated inside the polyester rejects heat. A UV inhibitor is embedded in the polyester to help eliminate most of the harmful UV light from the sun. GREY film is also available with a scratch resistant coating.

Sun blinds / screens are available with a spring roller, side chain clutch control or electric operation, and are all finished with a weighted anodised aluminium bottom bar. For sun blinds / screens which are bigger than 1800 mm in both width and drop then the shade film will require a horizontal join (seam) across the width.

For windows that slope forwards or backwards, and skylights order sun blinds / screens with constant spring tension rollers and double pulley bottom rails. Constant tension spring operation can be installed at any angle and keeps the roller screen in constant tension so it can be stopped anywhere and the cord will not go across the glass when the screen is raised.

SOLASOLV® reflective films (SILVER and GOLD) are ideal for one-way security observation because they act like a one-way mirror. They are partially reflective and partially transparent so when one side is brightly lit and the other is dark, it allows viewing from the darkened side but it becomes difficult to see from the brightly lit side. People on the brightly lit side (outside) see their own reflection – it looks like a normal mirror. People on the dark side (inside the room) can see through clearly – it looks like a transparent window. For this reason roller sun blinds / screens should only be used during daylight hours and need to be retracted at night.

Adhesive Window Films for glass – although adhesive window films may seem like a cost effective option to reduce heat and glare from the sun, not all adhesive window films are suitable for all types of glazing and the installation is permanent, so an outside view is not possible at night due to internal reflection.





SOLASAFE® Anti Glare Screens

SOLAROLA® Anti Glare Screens

STOPLITE® Stop in any position Flame Retardant Blackout Roller Blind

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