Photo of staff Training on 27 Jun 17


Way back in December 2006, HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York visited Solar Solve and during his tour of the factory he was shown the Training Room.  He commented that the slogan on a tee shirt we had stapled onto the wall as a poster was very apt.  It read, ‘WINNERS TRAIN, LOSERS COMPLAIN ‘.  It is just as true now as it was 11 years ago and always has been since training evolved in the dark ages, I guess.

This leads me very nicely into this week’s topic, which is Training.

We have always had properly organized, executed and documented training plans and sessions for all employees both internally, using our own employees or visiting trainers, and externally, in a variety of ways.

Whilst the purpose of the training is often aimed at employee development, we also carry out a variety of other training to comply with one kind of legislation or another, such as Health and Safety, ISO 9001 Quality Assurance, Fire Fighting, First Aid, etc.

Recently we have completed some sessions in the Training Room within our facility here in South Shields, with more to come in the next week or so.  Some training concentrated on Risk Assessment and some on how the directors keep employees informed of what is going on.  Still to come is information on how well we have done up to the end of June and what the Board’s objectives are for the second half of 2017.

The next training session will be a SWOT analysis exercise, something that we have been doing off and on for over 20 years and is now a legislative requirement as part of our ISO9001 accreditation.  That should be good, especially because we think we are brilliant at everything and cannot improve in any way, shape or form.  Watch this space!! 

Top Image – Some of Solar Solve’s employees deep in thought at a training session in the dedicated Training Room at the South Shields Headquarters