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John H. Lightfoot MBE - 18.09.2018


By choice I do not eat breakfast but unfortunately I have no such choice about BREXIT; so here is an update from Solar Solve’s perspective, to keep stakeholders informed as the saga continues.

Today, I have no more idea about what the final outcome of the BREXIT process will be, than I had when it was all initiated years ago and I had no ideas then, only hope.

Readers who are as bemused as I am and who may be expecting to use the services of Solar Solve in the future, may be re-assured by a few pertinent facts.

For our organisation, trading with countries in the EU is no more or less of a hassle or complication than trading with any other countries, apart from a very few outside of the EU, which is certainly less than 5 and are still serviced to our customers’ delight.

So far Solar Solve has traded with 100 countries in 6 continents, 23 of which are in the EU.  That leaves 77 countries we have traded with or continue to trade with, very successfully under WTO (World Trade Organisation) rules.

We are very proud of the fact that we have no unhappy customers (visit our website Testimonials page here for confirmation:https://www.solasolv.com/testimonials/) so by a process of elimination readers would be correct in concluding it makes no difference where a country is or what rules it trades under, they will always enjoy and benefit from Solar Solve’s usual exemplary service.

So if you are currently trading with our business under EU rules and they eventually change to WTO rules we cannot see any problems with that.  Just BUSINESS AS USUAL because Solar Solve is BREXIT READY.

Solar Solve Marine
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